Thank-a-Teacher Did you experience an inspiring course this semester? Has an educator influenced your academic career? Let them know!

Has a USA professor, advisor, or coach supported your academic career? Let them know!


What is the Thank-a-Teacher Initiative?

The Thank-a-Teacher initiative is a faculty recognition program that invites students to share their appreciation for an influential USA faculty or staff member. Students complete a form to share a simple ‘thank you’ or a short note showing their appreciation of this individual’s dedication to their academic success. This personalized initiative is a meaningful way for students to recognize an individual's contributions.

How can students send a thank you note?

The Innovation in Learning Center has partnered with the Office of Community Engagement to encourage students to take part in this faculty recognition initiative. Students can receive volunteer hours for writing thank you notes by accessing the Thank-a-Teacher form via the South Serves website. 

The Thank-a-Teacher form is open for the last month of each semester. Thank you notes are sent on or after the day grades are due each semester.