TurnItIn Screenshot

Turnitin uses an extensive database to check for similarities in submitted assignments and provides users with a Similarity Report with overall percentage of unoriginal content within a submission and a breakdown of where this unoriginal content came from. Instructors can use the Similarity Reports to demonstrate to the students what is acceptable or unacceptable according to USA’s academic integrity strategy, revealing the logic behind the reports for your class. This software is easily accessed as it is integrated into Canvas.

For support, please visit: https://help.turnitin.com/integrity.htm or check out this how-to guide for enabling Turnitin in your Canvas page.

For more information, visit Turnitin.com.

Dissertation/Thesis Submissions

Instructors that wish to submit a paper (dissertation, thesis, etc) on behalf of a graduate student may request a Canvas site using this request form.  Once the site has been established, instructors can submit papers on behalf of a student.