Advertising and Public Relations

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What is Advertising and Public Relations?

Learn about the creative and business practice of the advertising and public relations industry. Students can choose between two tracks: advertising and public relations. Advertising prepares students to understand how to communicate a product, brand, service, and idea, promote them strategically, and create content for various media platforms. The public relations track teaches students to research, write, think strategically, plan, design effective messages for target audiences, and build relationships between organizations and the public.

Students in the program build proficiency in research, planning, data analysis, writing, social media, brand management, creative problem solving, digital media and campaign execution.

Careers in Advertising and Public Relations

A degree in advertising and public relations can open opportunities for students to pursue careers in a variety of industries. Graduates typically land jobs as account executives, media planners, marketing and communication specialists, public information officers, public relations directors, brand managers and digital strategists. Many strategic communication professionals work for nonprofits, educational institutions, entertainment businesses, healthcare, agencies, private businesses, government organizations and more.

Choose a Track


The advertising track prepares students to promote products and services through a paid, mass-mediated attempt to persuade. Creating memorable and interesting ways to express the value of a brand is key to the advertising profession.

Public Relations

The public relations track prepares students to promote the entire organization and influence public opinion through two-way communication, sound character and proper performance. Facilitating and maintaining relationships and a favorable image with key publics is central to the public relations profession.

▼   Major Requirements

CA 101: Introduction Media
CA 260: Digital Writing and Production
CA 300: Fundamentals of Communication Research

▼   Concentration Requirements
APR 221: Introduction to Advertising
APR 224: Introduction to Public Relations
APR 271: Strategic Publication Design
APR 324 (W): Strategic Writing
APR 485: Cases in Strategic Communication
▼   Advertising Requirements

APR 321: Media Planning
APR 322 (W): Creative Strategy
APR 487: Tideline Agency

Choose three

  • APR 371: Branding and Visual Messages
  • APR 384: Account Management
  • CA 445: Ethics-Social Responsibility Communication
  • APR 470: Digital Analytics
  • APR 471: Professional and Creative Portfolio
  • APR 474: Consumer Sales Promotion
  • CA 496: Professional Studies Internship
▼   Public Relations Requirements

APR 386 (W): PR Writing
CA 390: Special Topics
APR 486: Strategic Campaigns

Choose three

  • APR 323: Sports PR
  • APR 325: Applied Comm Workshop
  • APR 326: PR and Non-profit Fundraising
  • APR 371: Branding and Visual Messages
  • CA 445: Ethics-Social Responsibility Communication
  • APR 470: Digital Analytics
  • APR 471: Professional and Creative Portfolio
▼   Minor Requirements

Students majoring in advertising and public relations are required to have a minor. A full list of minors can be found at Majors and Minors.