Communication Studies

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What is Communication Studies?

Communication Studies is a concentration option for students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Are you a natural leader who flourishes in a team environment? A concentration in communication studies encompasses critical thinking with a keen understanding of interpersonal, organizational and public communication. 

Careers in Communication Studies

A degree  in communication studies allows graduates to pursue careers as human resources managers, recruiters, sales directors, healthcare counselors and non-profit directors. Discover the best ways to be heard, read and seen no matter where you are communicating. Students can choose to study human and organizational communication or rhetoric and culture. Whether you are talking to thousands of people or having a one-on-one conversation, a concentration in communication studies will help you find your voice.

▼   Major Requirements

CA 100: Introduction to Communication
CA 110: Public Speaking
CA 210: Argumentation
CA 260: Digital Writing and Production
CA 300 (W): Foundations of Communication Research
CA 445: Ethics and Social Responsibility in Communication

All communication majors must complete 27 more hours in the Department. 

▼   Concentration Requirements

CA 200: Survey of Communication Theory
CA 211: Interpersonal Theory
CA 275: Decision Making in Small Groups
CA 310: Persuasion

Choose five:
CA 222: Rhetoric, Culture, and Society
CA 230: Communication in Organizations
CA 315: Gender and Communication
CA 330-W: Intercultural Communication
CA 410: Advanced Persuasion
CA 411: Relational Communication
CA 422: Rhetorical Theory
CA 424-W: Rhetorical Criticism
CA 425: Issues in Rhetoric
CA 430: Advanced Organizational Communication
CA 453: Political Communication- Processes and Effects
CA 475: Communication in Group Processes
CA 496: Professional Studies Internship