Journalism (Multimedia and Broadcast)

Broadcast Journalism Students filming outside on campus.


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USA Department of Communication

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, communication and media occupations are projected to grow 14 percent by 2030 resulting in 151,000 new jobs. Effective communication is necessary in all industries to build and maintain relationships and to convey information to diverse audiences. The student experience focuses on personal interests and professional goals through an integrated curriculum and hands-on involvement, exceptional internships and concentration-specific student organizations. Students are trained, independent, critical thinkers who uphold the highest ethical and professional standards as communication leaders in a global society.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Broadcast and Multimedia)

Tell stories that make a difference. Seek truth and serve the public good with the tools of a successful journalist. Majors in this program learn to write, report, interview, investigate and relay information for broadcast, print and digital mediums. Students can choose between two journalism concentrations: broadcast and multimedia.

Internship Opportunities

Journalism majors have opportunities to complete internships, which allows students to apply classroom knowledge in professional settings, gain exposure in their chosen career field, build professional connections and gain hands-on experience. Our program has relationships with organizations in various settings such as nonprofits, educational institutions, agencies, private businesses and government entities.

  • ESPN+
  • Fox 10 News (WALA)
  • WKRG News 5 (CBS)
  • NBC 15 News (WPMI)
  • Elevator World
  • The Bama Buzz
  • Mobile Bay Magazine
  • ZEW (WZEW 92.1)

Student Involvement

Students can get involved through student media, clubs and organizations across campus or specifically in their major. Students build leadership skills, plan events, create and produce content, design campaigns and network professionally by becoming involved in department groups such as the American Advertising Federation, Public Relations Student Society of America, Lambda Pi Eta and JagMedia.


JagMedia is the student media group of the University of South Alabama and includes The Vanguard newspaper, Due South magazine, JagTV and WJGR 97.1 The Prowl radio. JagMedia provides a multimedia learning environment mirroring professional industry standards and practices to prepare students for placement in media jobs. All media is student-operated and open to all currently enrolled students regardless of major.

ESPN+ Broadcast Team

Many colleges hire freelance crews to broadcast home football games, but the University of South Alabama relies on a team of student workers. From working in the control booth editing feed to working as a camera operator in the stands, the duties and experiences are endless.


Broadcast journalism student working with camera filming.

Broadcast Journalism

The broadcast journalism track teaches students how to write, report and break news in the broadcast and digital world. Students gain hands-on experience filming and editing footage.

Journalism students working on news scripts in the campus studio.

Multimedia Journalism

The multimedia journalism track prepares students to investigate and report events and relay information through newspapers, magazines, the internet, social media and mobile.


▼   Major Requirements

CA 101: Intro to Media
CA 220 (W): Writing for Communication Media
CA 260: Digital Writing and Production
CA 300: Foundations of Communication Research
CA 445: Ethics and Social Responsibility in Communication
CA 455: Communication Law
JOU 350: Broadcast News Production
JOU 370 (W): Intermediate Reporting-Writing

▼   Broadcast Journalism Requirements

JOU 250: Radio and TV Performance (Pre-requisite for CA 350, CA 450, and CA 454)
JOU 353: Broadcast News Editing
JOU 450: Advanced Broadcast News
JOU 454: Newscast Practicum

Choose two

  • CA 449: Mass Media Social Effects
  • CA 496: Professional Studies – Internship
  • JOU 252: Media Literacy in a Digital Age
  • JOU 270: Sports Journalism
  • JOU 288: History of Mass Media
  • JOU 327: International Media*
  • JOU 354: Media and Politics
  • JOU 382: Photojournalism
  • JOU 482: Multimedia Storytelling
▼   Multimedia Journalism Requirements

JOU 281: Editing and Design
JOU 382: Photojournalism
JOU 387: Magazine & Feature Writing
JOU 482: Multimedia Storytelling

Choose two:

  • CA 449: Mass Media Social Effects
  • CA 496: Professional Studies – Internship
  • JOU 252: Media Literacy in a Digital Age
  • JOU 288: History of the Mass Media
  • JOU 327: International Media*
  • JOU 354: Media and Politics
  • JOU 472: Enterprise Reporting
  • JOU 481(W): Opinion Writing
▼   Minor Requirements

Students majoring in journalism are required to have a minor. South requires a minimum of nine hours of coursework completed at the University and a minimum of nine hours of coursework at the 300 level and above. A full list of minors can be found at Majors and Minors.