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Are you inspired to create and tell your own visual story? Satisfy your appetite for entertainment and pop culture with a concentration in Digital Cinema and TV. Develop an extensive knowledge of video graphics, editing and production. Our graduates land jobs as editors, videographers, producers, scriptwriters, and technical director

A concentration in this program is useful for any career in the film industry.  Students produce their own short films and television programs using high-definition equipment, and in the process learn a broad understanding of the moving image. Students also gain an understanding of the historical, aesthetic and management side of production.

Digital Cinema and Television requires a passion for film, and is good preparation for careers in such diverse areas as directing, producing and screenwriting. Whether it is film, making a music video or maintaining order on a set, most people in this industry have skills in digital cinema and television.

Digital Cinema and Television requires at least 72 hours in courses outside of the Department of Communication.

▼   Major Requirements
CA 101: Intro to Communication
CA 220 (W): Writing Communication Media
CA 260: Digital Writing and Production
CA 300: Finds of Communication Research
CA 445: Ethics and Social Responsibility in Communication
▼   Concentration Requirements

CA 241: Intro to TV Studio Production
CA 320-W: Broadcast Scriptwriting
CA 340: Video Field Production
CA 341: Intermediate TV Studio Production
CA 356: Digital Cinema Management
CA 440: Advanced Video Field Production

Choose One:
CA 343: Film History
CA 344: Film and TV Genres

Choose Two:
CA 240: Digital Cinema Production Basics
CA 244: Radio Broadcasting
CA 275: Decision Making- Small Groups
CA 283: Chinese Film- 3 credits
CA 284: Japanese Film
CA 343 (if not chosen above): Film History
CA 344 (if not chosen above): Film and TV Genres
CA 352: Media Literacy Information Age
CA 382: Photojournalism
CA 424-W: Rhetorical Criticism
CA 441: Advanced TV Studio Production
CA 452: The News Documentary 
CA 496: Professional Studies- Internship