Student Awards

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The USA Department of Communication awards recognize the achievements and accomplishments undergraduate and graduate students have made academically, departmentally, scholarly and creatively.

Distinguished Achievement Award
The Distinguished Award recognizes outstanding academic achievement, and is given to undergraduate students who have earned a cumulative GPA between 3.75 and 4.0.

2017-2018 Recipients

Lindsey Bullard
Caitlyn Penter
Graham Perry
Gabrielle Easterwood
Marshal Trigg
 Madison Franklin
Gary Preston Smith Jr.
Megan Manas
Madison Connell
Stephanie Feagin
Charles Mathison 
Outstanding Communication Major Award
The Outstanding Communication Major Award are recipients chosen by each communication concentration from undergraduate students. For eligibility, students have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and at least 3.0 in major course work.
2017-2018 Recipients
Lesley Huffmaster
Scott McInnerney
MacKenzie Peyton
Courtney Wegel
 Ryan Armour
Jacob Estes
William Riddick
 Janae Thomas
 Kelly Frazier
Karla Silva
Elena Esters
Tiyana King
Jessica Miller
Cydnei Nettles
Taylor Repka
Bailey Smith
Natalie Upton
Samuel Tyler Watson 
Outstanding Communication Concentration Award
The Outstanding Communication Concentration Award is an undergraduate student chosen by each communication concentration. These students have exhibited excellence in their track of study.
2017-2018 Recipients
Kellyn Reeves
Lindsey Bullard
Caitlyn Penter
Jeffrey Austin
William Riddick
Janae Thomas
Karla Silva
Kelly Frazier
Gary Preston Smith, Jr.
Exceptional Departmental Service Award
The Exceptional Departmental Service Award honors an undergraduate student in recognition of his or her exceptional service to the department. The student has a proven record of accomplishment in being actively involved in service and leadership and the university and the community.
2017-2018 Recipients
Ashton Allen
Cydnei Nettles
Exceptional Graduate Teaching Award
The Exceptional Graduate Teaching Award honors a graduate assistant for his or her dedication to teaching, departmental and student comments and level of responsibility 
2017-2018 Recipients
Exceptional Internship Award
The Exceptional Intern Award honors an undergraduate student in recognition of his or her own exceptional service to the internship program. The student has a proven record of accomplishments and demonstrates leadership and excellence through the internship. The student's internship supervisor consistently scored the intern high in performance, behavior and administration qualities. For eligibility, students must have completed an internship through the department's program.
2017-2018 Recipient
Kelly Frazier, Office of Senator Marco Rubio
Hermanson Research Award
The Hermanson Research Award honors an undergraduate or graduate student who has conducted significant research in the area of history, law or ethics and has a high overall GPA among graduating students. The award honors the memory of Dr. Louise Hermanson, professor of communication, a beloved and respected professor from 1990 until her passing in 2002.
2017-2018 Recipient

Kelly Frazier, “A Case Analysis of Influential Tweets in the 2016 Presidential Campaign”

Outstanding Scholarly Paper Award
The Outstanding Scholarly Paper Award honors an undergraduate or graduate communication student who authored a scholarly paper and submitted it to a publication or conference in the communication discipline. Student papers are singly authored by the student.
2017-2018 Recipients
Creative Arts Award
The Creative Arts Award honors an undergraduate or graduate student for his or her creative excellence in visual communication, multi-media, print journalism, film, television, advertising, public relations or any other field in the art of communication.
2017-2018 Recipients
Timothy Holloway, Videography for Pelican Point Advisors and Threaded Fasteners Inc.
Kelly Dunn, Design and Event Management for “Crawdaddies for Hattie”
Alejandra McMurphy, Fundraising and Sponsorship Management for “Crawdaddies for Hattie”
Madison Franklin, Fundraising and Sponsorship Management for “Crawdaddies for Hattie”
Faith Kilpatrick, Strategic Event Management for “Millennials in the Mix”
Jade Withers, Strategic Event Management for “Millennials in the Mix”
 Jalen Jean, Faith King, Janae Thomas, Courtney Wegel, Department Video
 Ashton Allen, Creative Arts for the Office of Commercialization and Industry Collaboration