Dr. Jung Hwa Choi

Dr. Jung Hwa Choi

Assistant Professor, Graduate Coordinator
Department of Communication

Research Interests

  • Advertising/Consumer Psychology
  • Consumer Brand Relationship
  • Digital Marketing & Communication


Jung Hwa Choi is an assistant professor of Strategic Communication at the University of South Alabama (USA). She teaches digital communication and various courses in strategic communication. She holds a PhD from The University of Texas at Austin in Advertising and a BA and MA from the Michigan State University.

Dr. Choi’s research interests focus on the areas of digital and social media for marketing communication, psychology of advertising, branding, and the effect of such persuasive communication on individual’s cognitive, affective, and behavioral responses. She is particularly interested in examining the role of digital media in marketing communication and how consumers’ motivations influence outcomes related to relationship building with brands.


  • Choi, Jung Hwa (forthcoming). Would you listen to Brad Pitt? The Impact of Construal Level and Celebrity Endorsement in Donation Advertising. Journal of Advertising & Promotion Research.

  • Choi, Tae Rang, Jung Hwa Choi & Yongjun Sung (2016). I hope to protect myself from the threat: The impact of self-threat on prevention-versus promotion-focused hope. Journal of Business Research, under revision.

  • Chen, Kuan-Ju, Jhih-Syuan Lin, Jung Hwa Choi & Jung Min Hahm (2015) Would you be my friend? An examination of global marketers' brand personification strategies in social media. Journal of Interactive Advertising. 15 (2), 97-110.

  • Choi, Jung Hwa, Eunji Lee &Tae Rang Choi (2017). #Hashtag: Attention seeking and self-expression in social media. Proceedings of the 2017 American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Annual Conference, Boston, MA.

  • Choi, Jung Hwa (2016). Who do you listen to? The effect of construal level of message and type of endorser on donation advertising campaigns. Proceedings of the 2016 Future Generation Global Scholars Colloquium hold by Korea Advertising Society (KAS), Seoul, Korea.

Graduate Studies Faculty

  • Dr. Jung Hwa Choi: Assistant Professor, B.A. and M.A. Michigan State University; Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin. Research interests: Advertising/Consumer Psychology, Consumer Brand Relationship, Digital Marketing & Communication.


  • CA 321 Media Planning
  • CA 384 Account Management
  • CA 470 Digital Media and Analytics
  • CA 485 Cases in Strategic Communication
  • CA 486 Strategic Campaigns
  • CA 560 Digital Communication*