Melissa R. Walter

Melissa R. Walter

Department of Communication


Melissa Walter is an Instructor in the Department of Communication at the University of South Alabama. Before joining the faculty, Ms. Walter worked for the Innovation in Learning Center at the University of South Alabama where she provided learning management system support and worked closely with faculty to enhance the quality of their online and blended courses. She is the Quality Matters Coordinator for the University and oversees online and blended course quality certification efforts.

Ms. Walter received a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree in communication, and a master’s degree in instructional design from the University of South Alabama. 


  • CA 101 Introduction to Media
  • CA 110 Public Speaking
  • CA 110-H Honors Public Speaking
  • CA 200 Survey of Communication Theory
  • CA 210 Argumentation
  • CA 211 Interpersonal Communication
  • CA 230 Communication in Organizations
  • CA 260 Digital Writing and Production
  • CA 275 Small Group Communication
  • CA 300 Fundamentals of Communication Research
  • CA 360 Communication and the Internet