Dr. Steve Rockwell

Dr. Steve Rockwell

Associate Professor
Department of Communication


Steven C. Rockwell is currently an Associate Professor of Communication.  Prior to this appointment, he served as the inaugural director of the Center for Telecommunications Technology, a center established to increase the effective utilization and integration of telecommunications technology in Alabama.

His teaching and research areas include digital cinema and television production, the uses and impacts of new telecommunication technologies and media theory and effects.  He serves as advisor to the student run campus radio and tv stations. Rockwell has authored academic book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers.

Rockwell has been actively involved in television and film production and has worked in the local television industry, served as a consultant for children's television programs and created both short and feature length films.

Rockwell received a masters degree in Telecommunication and Film from the University of Alabama in 1989 and a doctorate in Mass Communication from the University of Alabama in 1993. 


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  • Rockwell, S. C. & Singleton, L. (2002). The effects of computer anxiety and communication apprehension on the adoption and utilization of the Internet. Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de Communication. April, 2002.

For more of Dr. Rockwell's publications, please see his CV.


  • CA 241 Intro TV Studio Production
  • CA 300 Fundamental of Communication Research
  • CA 340 Video Field Production
  • CA 341 Intermediate TV Studio Production
  • CA 390 Special Topics: Digital Cinema Production
  • CA 503 Quantitative Research Methods
  • CA 549 Media Effects