Coming Soon: Forensic Sciences at USA

Posted on July 2, 2015 by Arts and Sciences
Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences is proud to announce a forthcoming minor in Forensic Science. This interdisciplinary program will offer students the opportunity to gain exposure to the various physical and social sciences from which forensic applications are derived. Forensic science plays a vital role in the criminal justice system by providing investigators with scientifically-based information through the analysis of physical evidence. With the development of new technologies in recent years, forensic science represents one of the fastest-growing fields in the American job market. The forensic science minor at USA will be the only undergraduate program of its kind at a public university in Alabama.

The creation of this minor was motivated by high demand from the USA student body and prospective students who were searching for a program to prepare them for future graduate education or job training in specialized fields within forensic science, including the search for and recovery of human remains, human identification, crime scene investigation, evidence collection, and laboratory analysis.

The minor will consist of a variety of courses drawn from several disciplines across the College of Arts & Sciences. In addition to “core” courses in chemistry (CH 265/L), criminal justice (CJ 205 and 223), and anthropology (AN 250), students will be able to select two (6 credit hours) electives from a list of upper division courses that best suit their interests and future career paths.

For more information about the upcoming forensic science minor, please contact Dr. Lesley Gregoricka ( in Anthropology or Dr. Sarah Koon-Magnin ( in Criminal Justice.

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