Entering Freshmen

You've Been Admitted -- Congratulations! 

As soon as you can, ensure that the USA Office of Admissions has all your official documents including transcripts, test scores, and any college credits to make your class registration process easier.

  • If you are a first-time freshman or a current high-school graduate, you should arrange to attend one of the University’s New Student Orientation Sessions.  These orientation sessions will familiarize you with the university and its programs, and help you choose and register for your first semester’s classes. Orientation sessions are available for both Fall Semester and Spring and Summer semesters.
  • If you are an adult first-time freshman aged 23 or older, or are transferring from another institution, please consider attending one of the Transfer, Transient and Adult Freshmen Orientation sessions, also available in both Fall and Spring and Summer semesters. 
  • If you plan to live on campus, contact Housing to apply for housing. 
    The Financial Aid priority admission deadline is May 1. Contact the University Office of Financial Aid for applications, and check your Jag Mail regularly once you’re submitted your application.

The USA Admissions Office can assist you with other needed admissions materials, including immunization records, a Jag Number and Email account, a student ID, and placement exams.

▼   Advising and Registering for Classes

In order to register for classes, you must meet with an academic advisor.

  • If you attend a New Student Orientation session, an academic advisor will assist you in registering during the orientation.
  • If you did not attend an orientation, contact Academic Advising and Transfer Services to set up an advising appointment before classes start.

Your assigned advisor will help you put together a schedule that includes the necessary courses for your chosen major. Several factors need to be considered, such as placement in classes, prerequisites, course load if you are working or have family obligations, etc.

After you have met with your advisor and chosen your classes, you will use PAWS to register for classes.

▼   First-Year Experience -- College Success (CAS 100)

First Year Experience is a two credit-hour seminar-type course. First Year Experience courses cover a variety of topics, many geared toward specific majors and taught by experienced faculty. First Year Experiences courses are an outstanding way to get to know the College faculty, meet your students, and learn how to succeed in College. See the Advising Videos page for more.

All entering freshmen in Arts and Sciences, except for Honors College students, must enroll in a First Year Experience course, or CAS100.  If you are in the USA Honors College and a freshman, you must enroll in HON 101 instead of CAS 100.

▼   Learning Communities

Learning Communities are groups of students who take some of their freshmen classes together. Typically, these classes are the First Year Experience and a required freshman course.  By taking two or three classes with your peers, Learning Communities are a great way to meet people and make friends, while fulfilling your college requirements.

Most incoming freshmen in Arts and Sciences are enrolled in Learning Community. Talk with your advisor to find the Learning Community that is the best fit with your interests and major.

▼   Jag Success

Jag Success is an academic resource to insure that all students at USA are successful. A program in the Office of Student Academic Success, Jag Success includes peer mentoring, homework help, learning workshops, and Jag Pals who are trained student helpers.