• Student working in glass blowing
  • Student holding fish on boat
  • Student working in archaeology on a site
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  • Faculty and student working on math equations on board
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Airforce ROTC LogoAir Force Studies >

Take part in a highly rewarding opportunity to be part of the finest aerospace power in the world!

Turtle crawling on the beachBiology >

Experience a broad-based education that includes the various evolutionary principles of life.

Hand pointing at tube in labChemistry >

Experience the areas of inorganic, materials,​organic, analytical, physical chemistry, and biological chemistry. 

Female student looking through cameraCommunication >

Expand insights to uphold the highest ethical standards as communication leaders in a global society.

LighteningEarth Sciences >

Study the physical features of Earth through Meteorology, Geography, and Geology. Learn how human activity affects Earth's surface.

BooksEnglish >

Focus on the interpretation of literary texts and how they interact with the world around them.

Mardi GrasHistory >

Investigate and strive to create and disseminate knowledge that connects the present with the past.

Girl travelingInternational Studies >

Investigate and understand the complexity of our world from a variety of perspectives

Man scuba divingStokes School of Marine and Environmental Sciences

Improve understanding of the world's oceans and coasts—critical ecosystems through a broad interdisciplinary perspective.

Man working equations on chalkboardMathematics and Statistics >

Train your mind in a variety of fields, including analysis, approximation theory, representation theory, statistics, and topology.

Soldier on field with flag in front of other soldiersMilitary Science >

Be a leader and embody the warrior ethos and the values of the United States of America.

Professor reading paper to a classModern and Classical Languages & Literature >

Become a citizen of the world and change your perspective by developing proficiency in another language.

Student playing the piano on stageMusic >

Innovative curriculum, empowers professional musicians, music educators, and those who wish to enrich their lives through the arts.

Greek statuePhilosophy >

Become critical thinkers by examining the moral, political, aesthetic, and religious dimensions of human existence.

Femal student looking at a physics projectPhysics >

Investigate the physical universe at all scales by combining observation with theory, imagination, and deduction.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics at the U.S. Department of LaborPolitical Science and Criminal Justice >

Discover and shape our political, criminal justice, and legal systems.

Drawing of head with brainPsychology >

Seek to understand, explain, and predict behavior, thought-processes, and emotions.

Female student standing in ruinsSociology, Anthropology, and Social Work >

Build a foundation on service in studying global human social patterns, processes, and human kind past and present.

Male students acting in a playTheatre & Dance >

Engage in educational and production opportunities in a liberal arts environment to be an agent for change in society.

Two female students painting in studioArt & Art History >

Build characteristics valued in the workplace: collaborative spirit, problem solving, good communication and professional ethics.

Image under a microscopeResearch Centers >

Through Arts and Sciences supported research centers, students are offered outstanding research opportunities