College of Arts and Sciences Welcomes New Faculty

Posted on February 23, 2017 by

The College of Arts and Sciences is very pleased to welcome thirteen new full-time faculty members this Fall. The new faculty are:


Dr. Jaclyn Bunch – Political Science/Criminal Justice

Dr. Eleanor ter Horst – Foreign Languages and Literatures (Chair)

Dr. Lawrence Tatom – Dramatic Arts (Chair)

Dr. Charles Dixon - Music

Dr. Michael Phillips – Music

Dr. M. Jasmin Arakawa – Music

Dr. K. Nicole Meyer – Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Jianing Han – Physics

Dr. Nemanja Kosovalic – Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Martin Azevedo – Visual Arts

Dr. Brian Dzwonkowski – Marine Sciences

Dr. Kelly Dorgan - Marine Sciences

Dr. Albert James Todd - Mathematics and Statistics


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