Over 40 New Faculty to Join Arts and Sciences this Fall

Posted on August 5, 2015 by Arts and Sciences
Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is very pleased to announce that over 40 new full-time faculty will be joining the College for fall, 2015. These faculty members comprise accomplished scholars, artists, and scientists from around the world. We are confident these faculty will provide energy, knowledge, and experience to continue the growth of USA. 

Expected New Full-Time A&S Faculty for Fall 2015

Joel Borden – Biology
Adam Chupp – Biology
Scott Glaberman – Biology
Mohammad Delwar Hossain – Communication
Steven Schultze – Earth Sciences
Stephanie Ard – English
Doris Frye – English
Mara Lang - English
Allison Morrow – English
Christine Norris – English
Jamie Poole – English
Lisa Roddy – English
Mira Rosenthal – English
Patrick Shaw – English
Jessica Sims – English
Timothy Lombardo – History
David Meola – History
Cody Armond – Mathematics and Statistics
Laxmi Chataut - Mathematics and Statistics
Shibasish Dasgupta – Mathematics and Statistics
Paul Jones, II – Mathematics and Statistics
Christopher Lin Mathematics and Statistics
Andreas Michaelides – Mathematics and Statistics
Andrei Pavelescu – Mathematics and Statistics
Elena Pavelescu – Mathematics and Statistics
Armin Straub – Mathematics and Statistics
LTC Erwin Carl Morris, III – Military Science
Kip Franklin – Music
Samuel Baker – Philosophy
Alexander Whalen – Philosophy
Melanie Brady – Physics
David Westmark - Physics
Michael Hollingsworth – Political Science/Criminal Justice
Scott Liebertz – Political Science/Criminal Justice
Stephanie Jett - Psychology
Melanie Bankhead - Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work
Paul Hurley – Theatre and Dance
Matthew Hopson-Walker – Visual Arts

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