Why Give

Why should you support the University of South Alabama?

Because Every Gift Matters.

Your USA professor inspired you to take a new, rewarding career path. You received a scholarship that allowed you to pursue your dream.  Your coach taught you the meaning of perseverance. Your child received lifesaving treatment at USA Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

Everyone’s reason for giving is different. But the spirit behind each gift remains the same. Invest in USA today.


Gretchen Vandiver

“...this scholarship is a way to encourage future doctors to remember to take care of the underserved community too. We’ve been given a gift…”

Dr. Gretchen Vandiver
2016 College of Medicine
graduate and scholarship recipient

“Being someone who has been blessed to earn a scholarship makes me want to be a better individual and give my all when I become an educator.”

Raven McShan
Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative recipient

“…all the faculty and the staff want the students to go on and be successful wherever that success may take them, and I appreciate everything they’ve done for me.”

Robert Bennie Warren
2016 M.A. graduate and author