Dr. Shunchang Kevin Tsai

Dr. Shunchang Kevin Tsai

Assistant Professor of Chinese
Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature


  • Princeton University PhD in Comparative Literature, 2008 Dissertation: “The Allusive Manufacture of Men in Chinese and Latin Literature”
  • The University of Texas MA in Classical Philology, 1999 Thesis: “Usurping the Voice: Textuality and Tradition in Isocrates” at Austin Harvard University:
  • AB in Classics, 1997

Research Interests

  • Chinese Literature and Society
  • Chinese Film Studies
  • Translation Studies
  • East-West Comparative Studies
  • Greek
  • Latin


  • “Brotherhood and Chinese Drama: the Case of Killing a Dog,” the Journal of the American Oriental Society (accepted pending revision)

  • “Translating Chinese Poetry with a Forked Tongue,” Yearbook of Comparative Literature 54(2008): 166-74.

  • “Hellish Love: Genre in Claudian’s De Raptu Proserpinae [On the Rape of Persephone],” Helios 34(2007): 37-68.

  • “Ritual and Gender in the ‘Tale of Li Wa,’” Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 26(2004): 99-127.

  • “Courtesans in Chinese Literature,” The Historical Encyclopedia of Prostitution (Greenwood Press, 2006). 

  • “Petronius”; in The Encyclopedia of World History (Facts on File, 2008).

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