Becky McLaughlin

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Becky McLaughlin | Associate Professor

Generalist with particular interests in psychoanalysis and sexuality.

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Books Edited

Putting Theory Into Practice In the Contemporary Classroom: Theory Lessons.  Ed. Becky McLaughlin.  Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017.  Print.

Everyday Theory: A Contemporary Reader. New York: Pearson Longman, 2005. (Edited with Bob Coleman.)


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"In the Classroom: How to Combat Nuclear War Using Female Gender Identity Formation, the Idea as Gift, Pop Music, and Brecht's 'Alienation Effect," excerpts appear in Millicent Lenz's Nuclear Age Literature for Youth: The Quest for a Life-Affirming Ethic. Chicago: American Library Association, 1990. 254-56, 292.

Book Reviews

Rev. of Flirtations: Rhetoric and Aesthetics This Side of Seduction, ed. Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz, Barbara Natalie Nagel, and Lauren Shizuko Stone.  Studies in American Culture 40.1 (October 2017): 147-48.  Print.

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Creative Nonfiction

"Crying's Diaper."  Auto/Fiction 2.1 (November 2017): 99-116.  Print.

"Growing Up Out of Place."  Children of the Changing South: Accounts of Growing Up During and After Integration.  Ed. Foster Dickson.  North Carolina: McFarland and Company, 2012.  81-90.

"Singing the 'Stuttgart, Ark.' Blues with Bukka White, Or How I Utterly Failed to Be Like Elvis." Arkansas Literary Forum. Vol. 6, 2004. Ed. Marck L. Beggs. (invited)

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"Strange Cookie."  Transverse 15 (2016): 130-142.  Print.

"BogMyth." Splinter Hill Bog: The Writing Project. Ed. Janet Nodar. Mobile, AL: Bog Press, 2003. 17-23.

"The Very Small Things That Fall." Westview: A Journal of Western Oklahoma. Ed. Fred Alsberg. Vol, 20, Number 2. Spring/Summer 2001: 15-27.

Excerpt from and commentary on "The Very Small Things That Fall" appear in Artist Residency Exchange: Western New York. Ed. Roger Trietley. Buffalo, NY: Parkside Press, 1998. 12-14.


"Love Is a Symptom, or Is It a Cigar?" Nefarious Ballerina: Intelligently Erotic.  Ed. Gordon Purkis.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014.  2-4.  Print.

Visual Art

"Camera Obscura0010": Frontispiece.  [digital collage]  The Humanities Review 7.2 (2009).  Print.