Charlotte Pence

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Charlotte Pence | Associate Professor of Creative Writing

Director of Creative Writing and Director of the Stokes Center for Creative Writing.  Specializes in poetry and creative nonfiction.

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Books and Poetry Chapbooks

Many Small Fires. Black Lawrence Press, February 2015.

Post-Publication Awards:
Foreword Reviews’ IndieFab Book of the Year for 2015 (Silver Medal Winner)
The Eric Hoffer 2016 Book Award (Finalist)

The Branches, the Axe, the Missing. Black Lawrence Press, division of Dzanc Books, May 2012.

Award: Black River Chapbook competition winner

The Poetics of American Song Lyrics, editor. University Press of Mississippi, January 2012.

Weaves a Clear Night. Flying Trout Press, September 2011.

Award: Flying Trout Chapbook competition winner

The Writer’s Path: Creative Exercises for Meaningful Essays. Kendall Hunt, August 2004.

Award: National Books Program selection

Selected Poetry Publications

Over two hundred poems published in:  Alaska Quarterly Review, Asheville Poetry Review, Denver Quarterly, Epoch, Harvard Review, Greensboro Poetry Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, Kenyon Review Online, Ninth Letter, North American Review, Prairie Schooner, Seattle Review, The South Carolina Review, The Southern Review, Southern Poetry Review, The Southern Poetry Anthology: Appalachia, Vol. III, Spoon River Poetry Review, Tar River Poetry Review, and many others.

"Moving Day" and "Hades and Persephone in a Tract House." Dash Literary Journal Summer (2016).

"Lightening/Lightning." Pleiades Summer (2016).

"A Mother Considers Cell Division." Nimrod International (2016).

"How to Measure Distance" in the anthology Borderlands & Crossroads: Writing the Motherland. Demeter Press, Canada (2016). 

Featured poet. Selection of three poems and interview. Poems include "Like a Ladder Without Rungs" and "Whorehouse Loves and Autopsies." Dash Summer (2016).

"A New Mother Wants Some More Instructions." Bridge Eight (2015).

Featured poet. "DNA's Main Role is the Long-Term Storage of Information." Highlighted Poem-of-the-Week for Shenandoah (2015). Online.

"Architecture of the Veil." Black Lawrence Press National Poetry Month Selection (2016). Re Online.

"Found Poem: The Green Jardine." Lobster Arsenic (2015). Online.

Featured poet on Poem of the Week. Reprints of "AgResearch," "Argument (1)," and "Essay on Collective Paranoia" (2015). Online.

"How to Measure Distance." Harvard Review September (2015).

"In the End." Epoch (2015).

"Joy Is Earned." Southern Review (2015).

"Cast-Offs." EIU English Department National Poetry Month Selection (2015). Re Online.

"Cast-Offs." Chapter 16 (2015). Online.

"AgResearch." Black Lawrence Press National Poetry Month Selection (2015). Re Online.

"Midwestern Haibun." Midwestern Gothic Anthology (2015).

"Ozymandias and Ye." Moon City Review (2015).

"Love Between Parents." Asheville Poetry Review (2015).

"Orderly." Birmingham Poetry Review 42 (2015). 

"Pig and a Bottle." Luna Luna (2015). Online.

"And One Other Thing, Girlie, Freud Said." Quiddity (2015).

"Apology to My Mother." One Trick Pony 2 Winter (2014). Online.

"To Become Anecdote." One Trick Pony 2 Winter (2014). Online.

"Signs and Symptoms [May] Include Delusions." Radar Poetry 13 July (2014). Online.

"Gluttony." North American Review Winter 299:1 (2014): 37.

"Among the Yellows, the Faces Slack." Rattle Summer 20:2 (2014): 49-50.

"Architecture of the Veil." North American Review Summer (2014).

"Attractions." Prairie Schooner Summer (2014).

"Seven Family Snapshots." Prairie Schooner Summer (2014).

"The Black River." The Freeman May (2014).

"Lemons Are Not Nipples." Alaska Quarterly Review Spring and Summer 31:1 & 2 (2014): 301.

"To Muck and Muck and Muck." Sweatpants and Coffee Feb. (2014). Online.

"Thinking Again of that Lone Boxer." Rattle Winter 19:4 (2013): 29.

"Space Bears and Doxology." Alaska Quarterly Review Fall and Winter 30:3 & 4 (2013): 227.

"Wanted: A Pretty Picture." Alaska Quarterly Review Fall and Winter 30:3 & 4 (2013): 228.

"Weaves a Clear Night: XV." Meet Me on the Plaza: Twenty-Five Years of the Southern Festival of Books. Humanities Tennessee, 2013. 29.

"Yard Meditation." The Southern Poetry Anthology, Vol. VI: Tennessee. Eds. Jesse Graves and William Wright. Huntsville: Texas Review Press, 2013. 181.

"Divining." The Southern Poetry Anthology, Vol. VI: Tennessee. Eds. Jesse Graves and William Wright. Huntsville: Texas Review Press, 2013. 182-183.

"Memory Corruption: Cinderella Always Knew She'd Lose a Shoe." Denver Quarterly 48:1 (2013): 73-74.

"This We Call Many Things, One of Which is Evolution." Dash Fall (2012).

"Along the Putumayo River in the Amazon." Poems and Plays Spring (2012).

"The Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenia." Poems and Plays Spring (2012).

"My Father Speaks of Thieves." Poems and Plays Spring (2012).

"Little Faiths." Swink Spring (2012).

"Athena Proposes Traffic Circles." Louisville Review Spring (2012).

"Perfectly Whatever." Rattle Winter (2012).

"Life is Long and Full of Action and Color." Diagram Sept. (2011).

"Dogma of the Ten-Minute Egg." New South Fall (2011).

"Regarding the Question of ICBM's Diplomatic Ability, Yuri Ketchivosky." New South Fall (2011).

"It Would Be Nice to Have a Whole Complete Male." New South Fall (2011).

"The Myth of Balance." A Tapestry of Voices: The Knoxville Writers' Guild. Knoxville: Tennessee UP, 2011.

"Divining." Swink Aug. (2011).

"At the Opry Mills Mall." The Southern Review Poetry Anthology: Appalachia. Vol. 3. College Station: Texas A&M UP, 2011.

"Two Weeks Without Rain." The Southern Review Poetry Anthology: Appalachia. Vol. 3. College Station: Texas A&M UP, 2011.

"Other Men Smelled Differently." Tusculum Review Spring (2011).

"After Fifteen Years, She Said Thank You and I'm Sorry." Fourteen Hills Spring (2011).

"What Comes Easily." California Quarterly 36.2 (2011).

"After Scaling the Chain-Link Fence to the Neighborhood Pool." Asheville Poetry Review Fall (2010).

"Spatial Relations." Iron Horse Literary Review 12:2 (2010).

"Bordering on Acceptance." Diagram (2010).

"College Visit in Autumn." The Evansville Review 20.1 (2010).

"After My Father's Christmas Visit." Dos Passos Review June (2010).

"Shooting Stars, Desperation, and the Couple Cuddling on the Couch." Waccamaw Fall (2010). Online.

"Essay on Collective Paranoia." Kenyon Review Online Fall (2010). Online.

"Bardo (1)." Ninth Letter Spring (2010).

"Argument for Wonder." Denver Quarterly 44.3 (2010).

"Little Visible Sky." Tar River Poetry Review Fall (2009).

"My Father's Nipples." Prairie Schooner Summer (2009).

"A Series of Feasts." Prairie Schooner Summer (2009).

"Reading Sartre by the Creek." Prairie Schooner Summer (2009).

"What I Learned Early On." Fourth River Fall (2010).

"Bat Falling in the Pool." Fourth River Fall (2010).

"(A+B+C)." Rattle Summer (2009).

"Date Night." Fickle Muses (2009).

"At Opry Mills Mall." Fickle Muses (2009).

"Conception of Hephaestus, Revisited." Comstock Review Fall (2009).

"Prescribed Vacation." The Red Clay Review (2009).

"Walking Outside for the Morning Papers." The Red Clay Review (2009).

"College Visits in Autumn." Anderbo (2009).

"After Receiving his Letter." California Quarterly 35.1 (2009).

"More on What I Don't Know." Greensboro Review (2009).

"The Argument When No One Argues." Zone 3 (2009).

"Sense Before the Storm." Knoxville Writer's Guild Anthology (2009).

"After Two Weeks Without Rain, Finally." Town Creek Poetry Review (2008).

"Impermanence." Town Creek Poetry Review (2008).

"Variations on Penelope." Town Creek Poetry Review (2008).

"Field Notes from Radnor Lake." Nimrod (2008).

"Lying in Bed." Segue (2008).

"Ducks and Drakes." Segue (2008).

"Zeus Looks out from His Front Porch." Greensboro Review (2008).

"Gardening on Sunday." The South Carolina Review (2008).

"Sometimes When a Child Smiles." Spoon River Poetry Review (2007).

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"Helen of Troy." New Millennium Writings (2007).

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"Diaspora." Dos Passos Review (2006).

"Hera at the Baby Shower." Midway Journal (2006).

"Love on Treasure Island." Midway Journal (2006).

"In the End, Will There Be Light?" Low Explosions, Knoxville Writer's Guild Anthology (2006).

"The Bird Against Hera's Chest." Greensboro Review Spring (2005).

"Index of First Lines from Poetry, an Introduction." Marginalia Online June (2005).

"Love in the Form of a DeWalt Screw Gun." Spoon River Poetry Review Spring (2005).

"Grief." Spoon River Poetry Review Spring (2005).

"Modern War." Seattle Review (2004).

"Quatrain on a Woman's Worry." Maryland Review (2004).

"The Process." Maryland Review (2004).

"Closing Translations." Greensboro Review Summer (2004).

"After a Break-up." Greensboro Review Fall (2003).

"Walking Through the Forest in Autumn." The Belmont Vision Sept. (2003).

"What about God?" Southern Poetry Review Summer (2002).

"Kudzu." Southern Poetry Review Winter (2000).

"After Learning of My Brother's Divorce." Greensboro Review Fall (2000).

"Closing Translations." Southern Poetry Review Winter (1999).

"Night Watch." Seattle Review Spring (1998).

Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, and Hybrid Forms

"Don't Be Such a Freakin' Tourist." Teachers and Writers Magazine, Summer 2017. Online.

"So Far." Co-written with Adam Prince. Sewanee Review, Summer 2017.

"Consciousness." Brevity, May 2017.

"Teaching Poetry and Natural Selection." North American Review blog. This post is part of a series of personal essays that reflect on the intersections between science, poetics, and my teaching. April 2016. Online.

"This Mother Is Learning About Fathers." Zone 3, Spring 2017.

"Out-of-Touch, In Touch, To Touch: The Role of Sense-Based Poetry in the Digital Era." North American Review blog. This post is part of a series of personal essays that reflect on the intersections between science, poetics, and my teaching. November 2016. Online.

"Normalization of Deviance." Selected for the Utopia/Dystopia screening at the Liberated Words/Bath Fringe Festival in Bath, UK. June 2, 2016. Video Poem.

"A Swim Stroke in Verse: Seventeen Giant Manta Rays and One Hut." Booth. October 2015 and nominated for 2016 Best of the Net award. Reprinted in Booth 10 (2016). Online and Print.

"Upright But Ape-Like." Passages North Issue 36, March 2015.

"A Bio You Won’t Read: I Am from Nowhere and My Work Does Not Evoke a Sense of Place." Grist, October 2013. Online.

"Exchanging a Family Vacation for a Family Book Tour." Her Circle Ezine, August 2012. Online.

"A Thirty-Cent Tour." Chapter 16, November 2011. Online.

"The Horse without a Rider." Her Circle Ezine, September 2011. Online.

Scholarly Essays

"On Dylan Winning the Nobel." University of Mississippi Press Blog/The Voice of Mississippi Scholars Since 1970. October 17 2016. Online.

"Not I!: Strategies of Post-Millennial Confessionalistic Poetry." Asheville Poetry Review, 2015.

"Introduction to the Poetics of Bradford Tice." Bluestem. Spring 2015.

"Why Does Poetry Matter?" North American Review, July 2014. Online.

"Poet in Hiding." Mapping the Line: Exercises in Poetry Writing that Work, Penyeach Press, January 2013.

"The Sonnet within the Song: Country Lyrics and the Shakespearean Sonnet Structure." The Poetics of American Song Lyrics, University Press of Mississippi, January 2012.

"The Literary Anatomy: Teaching the Research Essay." Teachers and Writers, 2005.

Interviews and Reviews

"Chaos Theories by Elizabeth Hazen: A Review and Brief History of Science in Poetry." Kenyon Review Online, 1 April 2017. 

"The Forces that Bind Us: A Review of Robert Morgan's Dark Energy." Chapter 16, August 11 2015. Online.

"Poet Gaylord Brewer Whisks Together Recipe, Memoir, and Verse." Chapter 16, June 26 2015. Online.

"An American Story: Richard Blanco Talks to Chapter 16." Chapter 16, September 2nd. Online.

"Review of Rhyme's Challenge: Hip Hop, Poetry, and Contemporary Rhyming Culture by David Caplan." The Rumpus, August 2014.

"The Original Pleasures: Kevin Young Talks to Chapter 16 About Poetry, Food, Music, and Family." Chapter 16, September 30th. Online and reprinted in The Nashville Scene, Sept 27, 2013.

An Act of Gratitude: Review of Appalachian Gateway: An Anthology of Contemporary Stories and Poetry." Chapter 16, June 2013.

"Review of The Fortunate Era." The Rumpus, March 2013.

"A Refuge from the Noise of the World." Chapter 16 and The Tennessean, March 2013.

"You are Were You Come From: An Interview with Don Share." Chapter 16, December 2012.

"No Imaginary Fences: An Interview with Chase Twichell." Chapter 16, November 2012.

"What the Night Tells Us: A Review of William Wright's Night Field Anecdote." Texas Poetry Review, Summer 2013.

"Into the Earth: An Interview with Robert Wrigley." Chapter 16, October 2012.

"Hit City: A Review of Honky Tonk Girl by Loretta Lynn." Chapter 16, April 2012.

"Not What You See, But What You Perceive: An Interview with Terrance Hayes." Chapter 16, September 2011.

"Relinquishing the Flimsy Protection of Shelter: An Interview with Gaylord Brewer." Chapter 16, April 2011.

"The Literary Majesty of the King James: An Interview with Bobby C. Rogers." Chapter 16, March 2011.

"Writing the World: An Interview with Kate Daniels." Chapter 16, February 2011.

"Citizens of the World: An Interview with Marge Piercy." Chapter 16, October 2010.

"Interview with Adam Davis." Grist: The Journal for Writers, Summer 2009. Online.

"Review of Marilyn Kallet's Packing Light: New and Selected Poems." Public Republic, February 2009.

"Review of Robert Wrigley's Selected Poems." Smartish Pace, 2007.

"Review of Cynthia Shearer's The Celestial Jukebox." The Southern Review, Fall 2006.

"Review of Roy Hoffman's Chicken Dreaming Corn." The Southern Review, Fall 2006.

Interviews Given

Negative Capability Press.  "Featured Writer, Charlotte Pence: Brad Nolen Interviews Negative Capability's Newest Advisory Editor"

Literary Life Podcast on WEFT Community Radio. "A Reprint and Reflection of Architecture of the Veil." Champaign, Illinois. July 2, 2016.

Dash Literary Magazine. "How to Climb a Ladder Without Rungs: An Interview with our Featured Poet Charlotte Pence" by Dash Editors. May 2016.

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WEIU Morning Mix. January 24, 2016.

Difficult Listening at WRFN-LPFM (Radio Free Nashville). October 11, 2015.

Quiddity International Literary Journal and National Public-Radio Program. May 17, 2015. Online. 

Wordplay Radio Show with Jeff Davis. Asheville FM. Asheville, NC: March 15, 2015.

"Interview with Dr. Charlotte Pence." By Sean Towey. "EIU Writes" sponsored by the Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program at Eastern Illinois University. February 18, 2015. Online.

WEIU Radio show. January 12, 2015.

Talk of the Town. C-U CBS TV segment. January 26, 2015.

"Speaking of Marvels: An Interview with Charlotte Pence." A Chapbook Interview Series. Winter 2014. Online.

"Honoring Poetry and Identity: An Interview with Charlotte Pence." By Catherine Childress. The North American Blog. November 13, 2013. Online.

"Studying the Poetics of American Song Lyrics: An Interview with Charlotte Pence." By Allison Law. Southern Spines: Books with Backbone. August 2, 2013. Online.