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Double Reeds at USA

USA Double Reed Day

 We are excited each year to offer USA Double Reed Day, an event open to all area oboists and bassoonists of all ages featuring guest artists, reed making workshops, large double reed ensemble music, and other opportunities for double reed players to connect, learn, and celebrate our instruments.

Double Reed Day is back on this year and will be held on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019! Click here for more info! 

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Double Reed Day 2017

Double Reed Day 2017

USA Double Reed Day 2016

Double Reed Day 2016

USA Double Reed Day 2015

Double Reed Day 2015

USA Double Reed Day 2014

Double Reed Day 2014

For more pictures from prior Double Reed Day/Week events, visit the Media Page.

Upcoming On-Campus Performances

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Our full events calendar for the USA Department of Music can be found here. Ensembles that feature our double reed students typically include the Wind Ensemble, the Symphony Band, the Woodwind Ensembles chamber music program, the spring production of the Symphony Orchestra and USA Opera Theatre, and any relevant student recitals.

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Dr. Mindock's Upcoming Off-Campus Performances

Dr. Mindock regularly performs with several orchestras both in the immediate Gulf Coast area and beyond; their concert schedules can be found at the following links:

Mobile Symphony Orchestra
Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra
Pensacola Symphony Orchestra
Wyoming Symphony Orchestra

She also often gives guest recitals at other universities and performs on other concert series. For a full schedule of her performances this season, visit Dr. Mindock's website.