Faculty Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty Council of the College of Education and Professional Studies of the University of South Alabama is to provide collaborative planning and consultation on matters as they relate to policies of the College of Education & Professional Studies that directly affect the teaching, research, and service activities of the faculty. Inherent in this process is the shared responsibility for maintaining channels of communication between the College of Education & Professional Studies administration and the faculty.

Faculty Council 2020-2021

Chair: Dr. Yvette Getch

Counseling & Instructional Sciences (CINS)

Dr. Amy Upton (2019-2021)

Dr. Yvette Getch (2020-2022), Chair

Health, Kinesiology, and Sport (HKS)

Dr. Geoffrey Hudson (2020-2022)

Dr. Christopher Keshock (2019-2021)

Dr. Craig Parkes (2019-2021)

Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM)

Ms. Amanda Donaldson (2020-2022)

Integrative Studies (INGS)

Dr. Eric Moody (2019-2021)

Leadership and Teacher Education (LTE)

Dr. Susan Ferguson (2019-2021)

Dr. Kelly Byrd (2020-2022)

Dr. Todd Johnson (2019-2021)

Dr. Peggy Delmas (2020-2022)