Christopher Parrish, Ph.D.

Christopher Parrish, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership and Teacher Education
Mathematics Education K-12


B.S., Mathematics Education, Auburn of Montgomery, 2011
M.A., Mathematics Education, University of West Alabama, 2013
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, Auburn University, 2016

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching goals within mathematics teacher education are to orchestrate experiences and opportunities that extend well beyond the transfer of knowledge; experiences and opportunities within teacher preparation must lead to the transformation of teachers’ beliefs and dispositions. I believe experiences that ensure teachers’ professional growth include: opportunities to experience and reflect on mathematics learning by way of problem solving, opportunities to read and reflect on literature related to effective mathematics instruction, opportunities to plan, teach, and then reflect on mathematics with newly learned dispositions, and opportunities to collaborate and reason with fellow preservice mathematics teachers.


My research interests include examining teachers’ enactment of cognitively demanding tasks and online learning communities. The cognitive demand of a task has been identified by many as a critical factor affecting students’ understanding of mathematics. Unfortunately, many teachers struggle to consistently select and implement cognitively demanding tasks and need support in this area of their teaching. My interest in online learning communities is to determine if and how online communities may support teachers in their enactment of such tasks.


I currently serve our college by participating on the social media/publicity committee and the recruitment and retention committee. I also serve the mathematics education community through manuscript reviews for the Mathematics Teacher publication. As a new faculty member, I continue to look for ways to serve my community, university, and field.


I grew up in Millbrook, Alabama, a small town just north of Montgomery. I taught seventh through twelfth grade at various schools in East Alabama. In August 2016, I completed my Ph.D. from Auburn University in mathematics education.


EDU 340 - Fundamentals of Teaching
SED 555 - Curriculum and Teaching in Secondary Schools