K-6 Teacher Education

Teacher working with student on art project.

K-6 Teacher Education (B.S.)

The K-6 Teacher Education program is a dual certification program designed to prepare teachers for kindergarten through grade six classrooms. Satisfactory completion of the program requirements and accompanying tests lead to a recommendation for a Class B Certificate in both Elementary Education (K-6) and Collaborative Teaching (K-6).

Program Mission Statement:

The K-6 Teacher Education program applies a decision-making model for preparing teacher educators. Through a combination of classroom and intensive field experiences, prospective teachers master the professional skills needed to provide systematic, individualized instruction to all students, promote student welfare, and serve as effective professional team members across diverse educational settings.

Program Description:

  • K-6 Teacher Education is a 120-hour school-based program that requires candidates to be present in either university courses or an assigned elementary classroom from 7:30 am-3:30 pm, up to five days a week, for their last 3 semesters. 
  • K-6 majors may also qualify for a Class B Certificate in Early Childhood Education (P-3) through an additional field experience course and Praxis.  
  •  K-6 majors may also qualify for a Class B Certificate in Early Childhood Special Education through an additional 9 hours of coursework/internship and Praxis.

Faculty Advisor:

Jennifer Simpson
UCOM 3020
Ph: (251) 380-2668