Online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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The online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree program helps students prepare for opportunities for specialization in a variety of fields. Nurses build on their academic and practical credentials, using this knowledge to identify and solve patient care issues, leading to better health outcomes for individual patients and for society as a whole. Leadership, administrative, and quality improvement skills are incorporated throughout the program.

All MSN degree coursework is offered online. Students may continue to work while completing degree requirements. As with all South online programs, faculty members are available to support students via phone, email or using other forms of technology.

A state of the art simulation skills lab on campus helps students refresh and master skills and competencies required for the specialty.

Four of the courses in the master's degree in nursing program are offered at a doctoral level, so that students moving on to a Doctor of Nursing Practice program will have already completed 12 credit hours required for the degree.

Master of Science in Nursing Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the master's in nursing online program, graduates should be able to:

  • Integrate advanced knowledge, evidence, and theories from nursing and related disciplines into a specialized area of advanced nursing practice through the use of scholarly writing.
  • Demonstrate competence in advanced nursing roles to meet current and emerging health needs of a global changing society.
  • Use scientific inquiry to identify problems and individualize patient care designed to improve care outcomes.
  • Apply advanced knowledge of leadership and management to influence health policy to transform care delivery systems and improve healthcare quality.
  • Contribute to the focus and direction of the nursing profession.

Pathways to a Master of Science in Nursing

The College of Nursing has several pathways to enter the online MSN program to accommodate many educational backgrounds.

  • Post BSN
  • Post Graduate Certificate (for MSN prepared nurses who are interested in certification in a new specialty area)
  • RN to MSN (for associate degree or diploma prepared nurses who have a baccalaureate degree in a field other than nursing)
  • Accelerated BSN (for non RN’s) – Students who have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field and who are not RN’s may qualify for the Accelerated MSN degree program.

Additional Information

  1. The MSN program is an online program. Coursework is completed online and clinical hours can be completed in your region with an approved Preceptor.
  2. Nurse practitioner track students are required to report to the CON for about 3-5 days for orientation. Additional onsite visits may be required and are listed on the specialty track’s web page. Please refer to the Available Tracks within the MSN program.
  3. GRE and/or MAT– not required
  4. Letters of reference – not required
  5. All MSN students pay the same tuition rate: Web Course Tuition for Graduate Students
  6. All requirements for the MSN degree must be completed within five calendar years from admission
  7. Additional requirements for admission are located in the University of South Alabama Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin.
  8. Students are responsible for costs related to the required admission background check and drug screen. Students are responsible for all travel costs for any required on-campus visit and for travel costs to clinical sites.
  9. Students are responsible for all costs related to monitoring/proctoring tests and identity authentication when required by a course.
  10. Admission is contingent upon the college's ability to secure an approved clinical site by the end of the first semester of program enrollment. Students are encouraged to secure their own clinical placement within an acceptable geographical area if desired. Submission of a formal letter of commitment will be required to verify guaranteed placement for future clinical rotations. If a student is unable to secure an acceptable site within their own geographical area, the college will work to identify an appropriate clinical placement which must be accepted by the student.
  11. Initial course registration is contingent upon the student's acceptable completion and results of the following requirements: Acceptance Packet, Drug and Background Screen, and Required Documents and Attestations within the Medical Documents Manager. If a student is unable to meet the initial registration requirements, they may transfer their first semester of enrollment to a future semester.

Contact Information

For all inquiries related to the admissions process:

For all current and continuing students: