Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

This program prepares students for the role of Nurse Practitioner in Pediatric Nursing in an acute care environment.

Clinical Orientation

Ped Acute

All students enrolled in the first specialty course are required to attend a mandatory three-day clinical orientation on campus during that fall term. Various clinical skills workshops will be held during the orientation.

The mandatory Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner orientation dates will be

  •  Sept 4-6, 2019. 8a-5p all days

for those students beginning the specialty course MCN 558 in the fall semester of 2019. Please note these dates are for Simulation Intensives only. The coordinator for each specialty track will provide full orientation dates. Each event will take place at USA College of Nursing. You will receive more information as the date approaches via your JAG e-mail. Please make plans to attend.

Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Curriculum

BSN-MSN students complete all support, MSN core, and MSN specialty courses for a total of 45 credit hours.  The MSN degree must be completed within five years of matriculation.

Support Courses

NU 518 - Advanced Nursing Assessment 3 credits

NU 545 - Physio-pathological Basis of Advanced Nursing 3 credits

NU 578 - Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nurses 3 credits

MSN Core Courses

NU 607 - Scientific Underpinnings of Advanced Nursing Practice 3 credits

NU 608 - Evidence-Based Practice and Quality Improvement in Health Care 3 credits

NU 610 - Healthcare Policy and Finance 3 credits

NU 613 - Organizational & Systems Leadership 3 credits

Pediatric Acute Care NP Specialty Courses

MCN 558 – Introduction to Pediatric Acute Care NP 3 credits

MCN 571 – Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Neonatal NP and

Pediatric Acute Care NP 2 credits

MCN 562 – Pediatric Acute Care NP I 3 credits

MCN 563 – Pediatric Acute Care NP Practicum I - 180 Clinical Hours 3 credits

MCN 564 –Pediatric Acute Care NP II 3 credits

MCN 565 – Pediatric Acute Care NP Practicum II - 180 Clinical Hours 3 credits

MCN 566 – Pediatric Acute Care NP Practicum III - 240 Clinical Hours 4 credits

MCN 567 – Pediatric Acute Care NP III 3 credits

RN to MSN students who are registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a non-nursing discipline must also complete the following courses.

RN-MSN Courses

CMN 411 - Nursing in Community Systems 4 credits

NU 404 - Evidence Based Practice & Informatics 3 credits

NU 410 - Concepts of Professional Nursing 6 credits

NU 425 – Health Assessment Across the Lifespan 3 credits


NU 530 – Accelerated MSN Advanced Health Assessment 4 credits


Please feel free to contact Dr. Lisa Dailey for more information about this specialty: