Nursing Education Subspecialty

Subspecialties are specialty areas not considered primary areas of advanced practice nursing. Students in all programs can add these subspecialties if they are pursuing any appropriate area of advanced practice nursing.

Nursing Education

The College of Nursing is proud to offer a Nursing Education Option as a subspecialty to any MSN or DNP program of study. The Nursing Education courses are designed for Advanced Practice Nurses who wish to earn the MSN in an advanced nursing practice role and gain Nursing Education preparation simultaneously.

Faculty shortages in nursing programs are limiting the number of student admissions at a time when the need for nurses continues to grow. Financial constraints, aging faculty, and increasing competition for clinical sites have also contributed to this potential crisis.

Most programs do not offer courses in nursing education as part of their basic curriculum which leaves many of the nurses qualified to fill faculty vacancies poorly prepared to function in the classroom after graduation.

Whether your current or future position involves nursing education in the campus or clinical environment, we have a plan to help you develop or improve your teaching skills.


▼   Curriculum

Nursing Education – Students can add these 11 credit hours to any available specialization.

  • NU 620 – Instructional Design and Technology for Nurse Educators (3 credit hours)
  • NU 621 – Curriculum and Outcomes Evaluation in Nursing Education (3 credit hours)
  • NU 622 – Current Topics in Nursing Education (2 credit hours)
  • NU 623- Nursing Education Role Synthesis Practicum (3 credit hours) requires 180 clinical hours
▼   Subspecialty Admissions

Students currently in a graduate program may add a subspecialty to their current schedule without applying for admission to that subspecialty.  Students should contact their advisor for assistance with a new curriculum schedule.

Prospective students who only want to return to complete a Post Graduate Certificate subspecialty are required to contact the graduate advisor for the MSN program and complete the appropriate admission requirements.


Please feel free to contact Dr. Kristina Miller for more information about this specialty: