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Posted on December 10, 2020 by Jamie Walden
Jamie Walden

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It can be daunting to think about going back to school, especially if you already have a job and a family. If you’re currently practicing—you’ve got your current caseload to consider, after all. You may be concerned it’s not the right time or perhaps even that “you’re too old.” Many RNs have already been at it for quite a while by the time they start considering an advanced degree in nursing.

However, earning your BSN is a crucial key to making the most of your nursing career. You’re never too old, and the time is NOW. After a tumultuous 2020, you owe it to yourself to start 2021 on the right foot. The University of South Alabama College of Nursing is making the pursuit of a BSN easier than ever with affordable tuition, classes available every single semester, and unfettered access to a state-of-the-art simulation program. The deadline to apply for the Summer semester is FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2021.

All Online – So You Have the Time

 Our BSN program is entirely online which gives you the full freedom and flexibility to complete your degree on your time in your own way. You can come to campus to meet with faculty, administrators, and academic advisors if you want to, but it’s not required. Talk about having the autonomy to succeed your way on your terms! Our course work is designed for the working student, which takes into account your current skills and knowledge base. This is a perfect route for the full-time nurse who wants to advance within their current employment.

Recent Decrease in Tuition Makes Attaining Your BSN More Affordable Than Ever Before

With a recent 30% decrease in tuition costs—down to $328 per credit hour—it’s now more affordable than ever to pursue your RN to BSN degree. Additionally, you can complete all of your direct and indirect clinical hours at your current place of employment.

It Just Takes Two Semesters to Receive Your BSN

Coursework for the BSN program can be completed in as little as two semesters. USA admits students every semester so you can start your program at any time during the year. Additionally, all classes are offered each semester to keep you on track to graduate without the delay of waiting for certain course offerings. This ensures you can take the classes you need, when you need them.

Need More Reasons to Get Your BSN Now? We’ve Got Six.

  • More job opportunities await BSN-prepared nurses

While it’s true that there are plenty of cool nursing opportunities out there for an RN, many additional doors open for those nurses boasting a bachelor’s degree. Specialized fields such as case management, hospice, utilization review, and infection prevention are just a few of the many fields that often list a BSN as a requirement for new hires. Moreover, several healthcare organizations are choosing to hire BSNs over RNs, resulting in limited job opportunities for new grads trying to enter the nursing world. Give yourself a leg up—you deserve the advantage.

  • Earning potential perks (more money!)

 Depending on your organization, you may or may not be looking at a significant raise just for furthering your education. Even if the raise is minimal, it certainly adds up over many years spent working in the field of nursing. In just two semesters, you can be on your way to making more money in the field you already know you love! In fact, according to Payscale, RNs earn an annual salary of $68,000 on average, but a recent nursing salary study found that the annual salary for BSN nurses will continue to grow because of the ever-growing need for BSN-prepared nurses. Earning your BSN through USACON allows you to level up and stay ahead of the curve!

  • Many employers offer tuition assistance

Tuition assistance from your employer? Yes, please! While this perk will vary by organization, many large healthcare systems offer some form of tuition assistance to nurses pursuing a bachelor’s degree in return for an agreement to continue working for them for a specified period of time. Most of these assistance programs consist of reimbursement for achievement of a passing course grade, and some organizations will even pay for your textbooks.

  • Obtaining your BSN gives you professional advantage (i.e., serious credibility)

Being considered a professional requires a certain entry level of education, and proponents of the nursing field has eventual plans for a BSN to become the standard for entry-level nurses. With the field of healthcare becoming more complex and focused on preventative care, nursing will have to expand their knowledge base to keep up with advancements and educational trends! Why not do your part to enhance your chosen field while also bettering yourself in the process? Talk about a win-win!

  • Your employer may require you to receive your BSN eventually

Many healthcare organizations are now mandating that newly hired RNs begin to pursue their BSN within a specified period of time after hire. This is especially true for hospitals that are pursuing or continuing with Magnet status (a status awarded by the American Nurse’s Credentialing Center). You can find out if the hospital you are considering has a magnet status at the ANCC official website (ANCC). But why not beat them to the punch by pursuing your BSN on your own terms?

  • A BSN primes you for leadership roles

 If you’ve ever dreamed of moving up the leadership ladder or considered stepping off the front-lines of nursing, a BSN is the first step in allowing you to stand apart from the crowd when applying to these sorts of highly sought-after positions. Having your BSN serves as a critical distinction that can get your resume bumped straight to the top of a pile of applicants!

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