Day Zero Officers


DayZero is a student organization at the University of South Alabama that has formed for educational and scientific purposes to promote professional development in cyber security knowledge and awareness. We exist to increase our knowledge and greater interest in cyber security, digital forensics, and other related disciplines. Members will grow professionally through networking, communication, and the sharing of ideas between persons having an interest in the same. As an organization we foster hands on experience with real-world projects and collaborations with other student groups whenever possible.

Besides professional and educational growth, DayZero exists to foster participation in cybersecurity-related competitions both physical and virtual to apply learned skills and facilitate education of cybersecurity skills and practices. These competitions vary from blue-team/red-team cyber security competitions sponsored by collegiate organizations to capture the flag events sponsored by federal agencies and corporations.

DayZero also serves students at the University of South Alabama and other interested persons in the local community by doing outreach events that foster greater awareness of cyber security and cyber ethics. DayZero members and those who participate with us are also required to abide by the highest ethical standards and must sign an ethics contract as full members of the group.

DayZero students have participated in regional and national competitions such as the Southeast Regional Cyber Defense Competition (SECCDC), Defense Cyber Crime Center's Digital Forensics Challenge (DC3), Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) Capture the Flag, Defcamp Capture the Flag, Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge, and Facebook Capture the Flag (CTF) events.

DayZero typically holds bi-weekly meetings where we learn software and systems analysis skills and techniques that better prepare us for competitions and to grow professionally in our knowledge of cyber security and ethical hacking. Students of all experience levels are invited to be part of our activities and have an opportunity for fun and learning along the way. Contact one of our officers for more information or watch for SoC emails that announce our scheduled meetings times.


Officers and Contact Info
President: Zach van Welzen (
Vice President: Sam Smith (
Secretary: Ethan Blum (
Treasurer: Rebecca Clark (
Past President: Brandon Baggett (
Faculty Advisor: Dr. McDonald (