Abigail Baxter, Ph.D.
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Abigail Baxter, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Leadership and Teacher Education
Academic Area: Special Education, Language development and delays and family-centered early intervention models

A.B., Psychology/Sociology, Guilford College, 1982
M.A., Clinical Community Psychology, University of Maryland – Baltimore County, 1985
Ph.D., Developmental Psychology/Assessment, Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, 1990
Teaching Philosophy
My philosophy of education is simple. I want my students to be passionate about teaching ALL students, including those with disabilities. I want them to understand that ALL children can learn and that we have not done our jobs as teachers if our students do not learn. Learning should be a fun process for all involved. In addition, I want my students to appreciate the role that research plays in their work as a teacher and as a professional. They should research and evaluate the effectiveness of their work with their students. They should turn to the professional research literature to find the strategies that will best work with each student. Finally, I want my students to be advocates for the students they teach as well as for their families.
My research focuses on parents and their children with disabilities, meeting the needs of young children with disabilities, and the evaluation of assessment tools.
I am involved with Alabama’s Early Intervention System at the local and state levels. I consult with families of children with disabilities, other professionals serving children with disabilities and their families, as well as the public schools. I provide professional development to early interventionists and child care professionals. I serve on the board of directors of an organization that is developing an app to help individuals with autism communicate more effectively. I also am Board President for Gulf Regional Early Childhood Services an agency that provides Early Head Start services in southwest Alabama.
I was born in Connecticut and grew up there and in different places in New York state. As an adult I have lived in North Carolina, Baltimore, Nashville, the suburbs of Chicago, and Mobile. I have been involved in the education of children with disabilities for over 25 years. I have been the Associate Director of an early intervention program in Chicago and a member of the faculty at USA for 20 years. I have been involved on state and federal research and personnel preparation grants throughout my career.




EDU 312 – Intellectual and Physical Disabilities
EDU 313 – Learning and Behavior Disorders
EDU 354 – Curriculum Methods
EDU 362 – Behavior Management
EDU 372 –Behavior Management
EDU 400 – Education of Exceptional Children and Youth
EDU 432 – Impact of Typical and Atypical Development on Education
EDU 433 – Issues in the Education of Young Children with Disabilities
EDU 497 – P-3 Internship
EDU 692 – Research Project Seminar
EPY 602 – Advanced Theories of Learning
EPY 521 – Human Development and Behavior
IDE 692 –Research Project Seminar
SPE 512 – Ecological Curriculum and Methods
SPE 516 – Methods for Special Needs Learners
SPE 592 – Collaborative Practicum-Seminar
SPE 601 – Advanced Evaluation in Special Education
SPE 699 – Research Project