Rebecca M. Giles

Rebecca M. Giles

Professor, Department of Leadership and Teacher Education


B.S., Elementary Education, Texas State University, San Marcos, 1989
M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Texas at Austin, 1993
Ph.D., Education, University of Southern Mississippi, 1996

Teaching Philosophy

The past twenty years in higher education has confirmed the belief first instilled as a novice early childhood classroom teacher long ago, that teaching is a challenging and demanding profession requiring tremendous dedication on the teacher’s part in order to be done well. Successfully engaging students in meaningful learning opportunities that incorporate the present standards, reflect the most current research, and model the latest techniques requires thorough planning, advanced preparation, flexibility in delivery, and thoughtful reflection resulting in future modifications. My philosophy of learning is best summarized by Frederick Froebel, the “Father of Kindergarten,” in his 1897 publication The Education of Man “[T]o learn a thing in life and through doing is much more developing, cultivating, and strengthening, than to learn it merely through verbal communication of ideas.” As a result, I attempt to initiate stimulating dialogue and lively discussion related to course topics, incorporate cooperative learning into my lessons, and force students to use available resources, from Internet sites to personal experiences, as they search for possible solutions to complex issues.


Early Childhood, Emerging Literacy, Writing, Visual Arts


I view both professional and community service as valuable components of my position and unique learning experiences. Interaction among colleagues is essential for professional growth and a noteworthy byproduct of professional service. As a member of several regional and national organizations, I have had countless opportunities to learn through the exchange of ideas and information with my counterparts across the country. My ultimate goal in fulfilling my service responsibilities is to increase my own personal understanding and awareness of my chosen profession while giving of my time and skills in order to promote it as a worthy, life-long endeavor.


Dr. Giles teaches courses in the graduate Elementary and Early Childhood Education programs as well as the undergraduate Early Childhood Studies program. She has over 30 years teaching experience ranging from pre-kindergarten through higher education and has spoken and published widely on numerous topics related to early education, literacy and teacher preparation. She is the author of A Young Writer's World: Creating Classrooms Where Authors Abound (2020, Exchange Press)


  • EEC 300 Creating Effective Learning Environments
  • EEC 346 The Early Childhood Program
  • RED 334 Literature for the Young Child
  • RED 348 Language Development in Early Childhood
  • EEC 553 Organizational Patterns and Curricula in Early Childhood Education
  • EEC 554 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Education