Alumni Spotlight: Allen Carroll

Allen Carroll

Being born in the South you come to develop a passion for the lower states. After an unexpected move to Maryland and spending the majority of my life there, I was hopeful to attend a school back in the South. Growing up, I always remember hearing the stories of where my parents met “36 years ago” and that was the campus of South Alabama.

My father. Tommy Howie, an alumnus of South, is currently Principal for T Howie Consulting. His career in information technology has included positions with IBM Satyam Computer Systems, OAO Technology Solutions, KAnalytics and Mainline Information Systems.  Before starting T Howie Consulting, he was Senior Vice President for Professional Services for Blue Ally.

June 2012, after high school graduation we were packed and hitting the road to get back down near our family in Pensacola, FL. I went on a few campus tours with some nearby schools but never felt the click that that was the school for me. We made the drive over to Mobile to explore making a stop on campus to see what it looked like and to potentially see if that was the place for me. It was. Driving through South’s beautiful campus gives you a feeling of comfort, connection, and purpose.

Diving into freshmen year I was fortunate enough to land a job at the Office of New Student Recruitment giving campus tours to potential Jags. I’ve always enjoyed talking to people and building relationships and that position did just that. That job whole heartedly re-enforced that sales was in my blood.

The Mitchell College of Business prepared me extremely well for “The Real World” and couldn’t be more proud to be an Alumni from such a great school.  





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