Message from the Dean

Bob Wood

Contrary to the opinion of some, I am not a total social media dinosaur.  No, I do not have a Facebook account; I am content with LinkedIn and Instagram.  We ask our students to join the LinkedIn network; I have over 1,000 contacts, most of which are current and former students.  Instagram is another story. Of course, I follow the Mitchell College of Business @usamcob and the MCOB Mitchell Ambassadors @mcobambassadors.  I also follow Mark Hamill (hamhillhimself), aka Luke Skywalker.

This month Mr. Hamill has posted a “Star Wars Day” wish for each day of the month.  These have included May the 10th be the Provinces of Canada, May the 12th be  Mother’s Day, May the 14th Be The Birthday of George Lucas, and others.  With apologies to Mr. Hamill, I continue.

May the 1st be the doctoral graduate Gia Wiggins that earned the final Doctor of Business Administration degree awarded by the Mitchell College of Business.  Beginning this fall, all doctoral graduates will earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration.

May the 4th be outstanding faculty departments whose faculty members continue to go above and beyond to move us from good to great.  The MCOB faculty are here because they want to be and because they want to make a difference in the lives of our students.

May the 6th be graduated Mitchell Ambassadors that not only defined the position but set an extremely high standard for all those that follow.  Congratulations to Sabrina Garrett, Taylor Hamlin, Owen Hicks, Dylan Hooper, Baxley Stokes, and Emily Viglione; you make us proud.

May the 11th be Mitchell Scholars and Mitchell Ambassadors who participated in the Maymester International Immersion Experience in Paris, Rennes, Caen, and Toulouse, France.  Their level of maturity and responsibility made these 10 days enjoyable.

May the 14th be administrative and support personnel that keep the College operating.  This group is often overlooked in recognitions; I’ll remedy that by personally thanking Janet Ayers, Rachel Backlin, Amia Baker, Roxanne Bates, Megan Bennett, Cynthia Garey, Amy Fleet, Robin Hayes, Sharon Lanier, David Potter, Emmy Rieske, Maureen Sacramona, Teresa Sims, and Lissa Williams for all that they do.  

May the 20th be PhD students of cohort seven that begin the program this month.  Equally split between management and marketing majors, this is the College’s largest cohort to date.  Special thanks to Dr. Joe Hair and the other graduate faculty that have built this program.

May the 31st be Dean’s Awards that were earned by Mitchell College graduates this year.  Another record; this is the largest number of students graduating with at least a 3.75 grade point average in the history of the college.  We look forward to following their successes.

I may have exceeded my word count.  Let me close by wishing that the summer exceed all of your expectations.  See you this fall.




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