Dr. Stuart Diamond

Dr. Stuart Diamond


Dr. Stuart Diamond, renound author and professor of negotiation, served as the Executive Leadership Series Speaker for the month of February. Students, faculty and advisory committee members filled the Student Center Ballroom on February 21 to hear his presentation on the art of negotiation. Based on his book, Getting More, he worked through his unique method of how to get what you want out of a negotiation.  

Dr. Diamond’s model has been used to train employees of Google, Navy Seals and even the Mitchell College of Business students enrolled in Negotiation Class with Dr. Maes. The model presented takes a situation described by an audience member and outlines key factors such as identifying the end goal, using key elements and evaluating the results. Key elements included understanding the other party’s perception, emotional payments, and standards.

For many students, the method was best understood when Dr. Diamond used it to explain current events such as the presidential election or family situations. It showed a connection in how this method can be used in everyday life and applied to almost any situation.

Following his presentation, Dr. Diamond participated in a second session with the Negotiation Class taught by Dr. Maes. Junior, Ashley Heitling commented, “Dr. Diamond’s presentation brought skill sets that could be used in the classroom, workplace or even at home. The interpersonal skills and sets of values he uses to educate his students are undoubtedly some of the most important in society today. Studying his book, reviewing his methods, and using our own real life negotiations has not only made me a better negotiator, but has also encouraged me to share these tools with others. In college, you sometimes learn things that can be hard to translate into real life situations. What I have enjoyed most is directly learning things that you can use on a daily basis in every situation.”

The photo below shows Dr. Diamond speaking to Dr. Maes Negotiation and Conflict Resolution class.

Dr. Diamond sepaking


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