Faculty Accomplishments - February 2019

Economics and Finance


Chow, A., Lahtinen, K., Pennywell, G., Edwards, K., “Range Based Volatility Estimators : A Comparison Using Shortened Time Intervals”, Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, Accepted January 2019

Chow, A., Lahtinen, K., and Tang, R., “Equity Risk: Measuring Return Volatility Using Historical High-Frequency Data”, with, Studies in Business and Economics, Accepted January 2019

Lahtinen, K., “Motivating Gender Use in Financial Research: A Survey of Recent Literature”, Review of Behavioral Finance, Accepted November 2018

In Action:

Dr. Reid Cummings joined finance and real estate professors from Alabama, Auburn, and UAB as a panelist at ACREcom 2019, the University of Alabama Center for Real Estate’s annual commercial real estate conference. Topics included changing real estate markets, the importance of the Port of Mobile to the rest of the state, and the latest trends in human capital development in real estate and related industries.  


Marketing and Quantitative Methods


Howard, M. C. (2019).  The effect of training self-efficacy on computer-based training outcomes: Empirical analysis of the construct and creation of two scales.  Performance Improvement Quarterly.

Gutworth, M. G. & Howard, M. C. (2019).  Improving sexual harassment training effectiveness with climate interventions.  Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.

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