Faculty Accomplishments - March 2019

Economics and Finance

In Action:

Dr. Khandokar Istiak presented the paper “Impact of US policy uncertainty on Mexico: evidence from linear and nonlinear tests” in the Eastern Economic Association Conference (Feb 28-March 3) 2019 in New York

Dr. Affuso, attended the workshop “What makes a successful City” organized by The Institute for Human Studies at George Mason University and The ShowMe Institute in Saint Louis, MO (March 15).

Dr. Reid Cummings presented the paper, “The Increasing Trend in Commercial Real Estate Lending by Community Banks: The Role of Deliberate Risk-Taking,” with co-authors John Martinez and Michael Mills, at the 2019 Academy of Business Research International Conference in New Orleans, LA.  


In Action:

Landay, K. (PhD Student - Univ of Alabama) & Turnipseed, D. L. (6 March, 2019). The Role of the Dark Triad in Perceptions of Academic Incivility. Poster presented at the USA Graduate Research Forum, Mobile, AL.

Marketing and Quantitative Methods

In Action: 

Howard, M.C., Cogswell, J., & Smith, M. (2019, April).  The antecedents and outcomes of ostracism: A meta-analysis.  Poster presented at the 34th annual conference of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Washington DC.  

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