Faculty Accomplishments - November 2018



Rich, L. L., Rich, J., & Hair, J. (2018). The influence of organizational culture on how we define and pursue goals: The value of regulatory focus. Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance.

Hardin, J.R. and Prescott,G.L. (May 2018). Section 409A NQDC  Plans: The Relevant Regulations. Practical Tax Strategies, 100(5), 4-15.

Economics and Finance


Affuso, E., S. B. Caudill, F. G. Mixon, Jr. and K. Starnes. 2018. “Is Airport Proximity an Amenity or Disamenity? An Empirical Investigation based on House Prices”, Land Economics, forthcoming

Istiak, K., and A. Serletis. (2018). “Economic Policy Uncertainty and Real Output: Evidence from the G7 Countries”, Applied Economics 50, 4222-4233.

In Action:

Dr. Gwendolyn Pennywell has joined the Board of Directors of the Dance Without Limits Foundation (DWL).  DWL strives to provide professional dance instruction to all special needs individuals - regardless of their dis”ability.” 



Gillis, W.E., Combs, J.G., Yin, X. (2018). Franchise management capabilities and franchisor performance under alternative franchise ownership strategies. Journal of Business Venturing.

In Action:

Dr. Ronald Eastburn and Dr. Alex Sharland received the 2018 Highly Commended Award from Emerald Publishing for their publication, “Risk management and managerial mindset” in The Journal of Risk Finance”. 



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