Faculty Accomplishments - September 2019



X. Jasmine Bordere and C. Terry Grant, “Why Goodwill Accounting Should Be on Internal Auditors' Radar Screens,” July/August 2019, Internal Auditing, Vol. 34, No. 4, pp. 33-38.

Economics and Finance


Ang, J., Hunsader, K., Zhang, S. (in press).  Order Dynamics During the Flash Crash.  Journal of Asset Management.

Sun, Wei; Ying Huang, Ronald Spahr, Mark A. Sunderman, Minxing Sun, 2019, Neighborhood blight indices, impacts on property values and blight resolution alternatives, Journal of Real Estate Research, forthcoming

Huang, Ying, Mark A. Sunderman, Esra Ozdenerol, 2019, The Value of Greenways: Memphis Greenline as a Case Study, Journal of Housing Research 28, 81-107. 

Affuso E. and Sharland A. (2019), Energy Consumption, Income and Carbon Emissions in the Caribbean Community” Presentation at the Caribbean Agricultural Economics Society, Tobago.

Affuso, E., 2019. Consumer welfare and climate change in Greenland. Energy Economics, accepted - Pre-proof available at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0140988319302865

Istiak, K. and M. Alam. “US Economic Policy Uncertainty Spillover on the Stock Markets of the GCC Countries.” Journal of Economic Studies (forthcoming).

Istiak, K. “The Nature of Shadow Bank Leverage Shocks on the Macroeconomy.” The North American Journal of Economics and Finance 50 (2019), 1-12.

Istiak, K. and M. Alam. “Oil prices, Policy Uncertainty and Asymmetries in Inflation Expectations.”  Journal of Economic Studies 46 (2019), 324-334

International Business  


Sharland A. and Affuso E. (2019), Sovereign Wealth Funds and Caribbean Economic Development: Measures Matter, presentation to the Caribbean Agricultural Economic Society, Tobago.


In Action:

Kelly Woodford and Jeanne Maes presented at the Florida Dispute Resolution Center’s 2019 Conference for Mediators and Arbitrators. August 16, 2019.

Jeanne Maes shared a keynote presentation at the Annual Information Exchange of the International Society of Organization Development and Change in May (Denver).

Jay Hunt was elected secretary of the Alabama Communication Association at their annual meeting in July, 2019.


Marketing and Quantitative Methods  


Kim, J., Park, Y. W., Williams, A. J., A Mathematical Programming Approach for Imputation of Unknown Journal Ratings in a Combined Journal Quality List, Decision Sciences (18 June 2019)

Howard, M. C., Cogswell, J., & Smith, M. (In Press).  The antecedents and outcomes of workplace ostracism: A meta-analysis.  Journal of Applied Psychology.

Howard, M. C. & Murry, A. (In Press).  Does the Courage Measure (CM) Measure Persistence Despite Fear?  Testing, Psychometrics, and Methodology in Applied Psychology.
*Murry, A. is a current graduate student in the Management PhD program.

In Action:

Gray, R., Loes, M., & Howard, M.C. (2019, April).  Measuring digital privacy concerns: An exploratory study.  Paper presented at the 21st annual conference of the Society of Business, Industry, and Economics, Destin, FL.
*Gray is an undergraduate student in the Mitchell College of Business.

Dr. Matt C. Howard accepted an invitation to join the Editorial Advising Board of the Human Resource Management Journal.


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