MCOB Goes Green with Water Bottle Filling Stations

MCOB Goes Green with Water Bottle Filling Stations
MCOB Students Sam Ghobar, Inga-Lena Körner, Olivia Beesley 

In an effort to contribute to the sustainability of our environment, the Mitchell College of Business has installed two bottle filling stations for students, faculty and staff.  These stations provide filtered high quality water and are located on the second floor in the lobby and next to the Mitchell Learning Resource Center.  When you head out the door in the morning, grab your fillable water bottle, or MCOB Tervis Tumbler, and help reduce plastic bottle waste.

College students have all had those days where our bodies seem to be running off of caffeine, pushing us through our course load for the day and keeping us awake into the night as we cram for yet another eight AM class the next day. Universities are now seeing a shift in the lifestyle of students, as many seek to live healthier lives, avoiding the inevitable “freshman fifteen.”  Doctors recommend eight cups of water per day to stay hydrated, but at what price does the environment pay for this?

As we see issues such as the Flint water crisis, individuals are consuming increasingly high rates of bottled water. According to, approximately 1,500 water bottles end up in landfills and oceans every second.  Additionally, the production of the plastic bottles consumes 1.5 million barrels of oil and enough energy to power 190,000 homes.  Let’s all do our part to fill-up at the MCOB Water stations.

Contributed by Mary Kristen Lee


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