Mitchell Ambassadors

Mitchell Ambassadors taking a jump group photo.
Mitchell Ambassadors getting festive at photoshoot.
Mitchell Ambassadors getting festive at photoshoot.

The Mitchell Ambassadors getting festive at their beach photoshoot with giant beach volleyballs. 

Beta Gamma Sigma Ceremony

Students clapping at Beta Gamma Sigma Ceremony
A grad student and her family at the Beta Gamma Sigma Ceremony

The South Alabama chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma welcomed new members at their annual induction ceremony.

Mock Interviews

Students doing mock interviews.
Students doing mock interviews.

MCOB students were able to receive feedback on their interview skills from business professionals through mock interviews hosted by the PREP Program.

Marketing Class Presentations

Students applauding other student presentations.
Students presenting their marketing projects.
Students enjoying marketing presentations.

Dr. Williams had marketing students give sales presentations of their company’s products to wrap up the semester. 


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