Alumni Spotlight Carol Statter

Carol Statter

As a college freshman many years ago, I, like many of my friends, had not decided on a major. Without real direction, attending classes while working full time finally took its toll with my paycheck winning the battle. Many night classes and a couple of jobs later, I returned to South full time to pursue a degree in accounting. While researching the career for a class project, I realized I needed to make a change. Fortunately, Career Services provided some guidance and scheduled me for an aptitude test. Those results indicated that I was best suited for law enforcement, the military and human resources. Neither of the first two was of interest to me. Of course, being to old to pursue those careers also made the decision easy.

My previous job had been with a small business that grew from 13 employees to 125 in a matter of months as it expanded its service line. I was literally thrown into “personnel” management as it was known back then. When I returned to college, I was not even aware you could pursue a concentration in that field. So, my visit to Career Services was like someone slapping my forehead and saying “Duh!” I immediately begin researching that option and have never looked back.

Throughout my career, all of my course work has been utilized. I have worked in payroll, benefits, workers compensation, employee relations and recruiting. As Workforce Development Coordinator for Infirmary Health, my job focuses on educating K-12 students on the many career options available in healthcare. Learning about those careers includes understanding the appropriate courses to take to transition smoothly into post-secondary education or careers. I also coordinate job shadowing and internship opportunities and work with programs that provide hands-on career exploration to expose students to the day-to-day duties of careers. All of these programs are designed to help students make educated decisions about their future - something I wish I had when I was their age. And, let me add that I love my job!

As a proud 1994 graduate of the Mitchell College of Business, I can honestly say my time there put me on the road to success. I do not believe that I would be where I am today had it not been for the education and guidance I received at South. Most importantly, I had caring professors who encouraged me along the way and several of those relationships continue even today. Sadly, one of those relationships recently ended with the passing of Dr. Ed Harrison, my professor, my advisor, and my friend.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time in the Mitchell College of Business and credit it with helping me finally find my way. I did not find my career. The University helped my career find me. The road may have been long but I cannot imagine any other path.


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