Retail Certificate Program

A Knowledge-Based Approach to Entry-Level Positions 

The Mitchell College of Business Retail Certificate Program will enhance the retail management skill sets and readiness of college students for entry-level positions, through: Retail concept analysis and review, case studies, internships and coaching/mentoring. 


▼   MODULE 1 - SEPTEMBER 21, 2023 - Evolving World of Global Retailing: 
  • Changing nature of retailing. 
  • Current trends in retail management. 
  • Retail success requirements. 
  • Types of retailers/multi-channel retailers. 
  • Understanding retail competition. 
▼   MODULE 2 - OCTOBER 19, 2023 - Understanding Customers: 
  • Customer buying behavior and decision-making processes.
  • Influences on buying behavior - individual, group, societal. 
  • Shaping the customer experience. 
  • Customer engagement. 
  • Customer retention and lifetime value of customers, customers as an investment. 
  • Segmenting markets and customers. 
  • Branding for success.
  • Communicating with customers - retail communications mix (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, social media platforms, etc.).
  • Atmospherics and retail success. 
▼   MODULE 3 - NOVEMBER 16, 2023 - Managing People for Retail Success: 
  • Gaining and maintaining competitive advantages through people management. 
  • Strategic human resource management in retailing. 
  • Matching retail structure and human resources. 
  • Human resources management: recruitment, selection, training, motivation, compensation, and performance evaluation. 
  • Attracting and retaining talent. 
  • Managing people problems in the retail environment. 
  • Managing diversity. 
  • Understanding legal and regulatory issues in managing people. 
▼   MODULE 4 - FEBRUARY 15, 2024 - Retail Financial Management (Managing the Numbers): 
  • Financial and managerial accounting for retail success. 
  • Managing profit margins. 
  • Asset management. 
  • Measuring retail performance through benchmarks. 
  • Profit impact of retail pricing. 
▼   MODULE 5 - MARCH 14, 2024 - Retail Technology/Information Systems and Supply Chain Management: 
  • Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage. through technology. 
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI). 
  • Types of information systems. 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems. 
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI). 
  • Collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment. 
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID). 
  • Competitive retail supply chains. 
▼   MODULE 6 - APRIL 11, 2024 - Managing Merchandise: 
  • Mechanics of strategic merchandise management. 
  • Managing inventory turnover. 
  • Managing the assortment of merchandise. 
  • Sales forecasting for retail success. 
  • Buying merchandise and negotiating with vendors. 
  • Merchandise planning systems. 
  • Managing inventory shrinkage. 
  • Controlling retailing costs. 
  • Sustainability issues in retailing. 

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Classes are free and offered via Zoom.

To save your spot, email Ms. Amy Fleet ( by September 15th with your name, e-mail address, J-number, major, classification (ex: junior, senior, etc.)