MCOB Vision & Mission

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The Mitchell College of Business provides value-added experiential business education opportunities to wide-ranging market segments in the Gulf Coast region through innovative engagement with constituents, while advancing the area’s economic and social well-being.


Engage the Regional Community

A successful business college must develop strategies that positively impact the business community and other external constituents.  We will pursue innovative activities and strategies to partner with these communities.

Enhance the Student Experience

The traditional educational experience is only the starting point in preparing students for today’s competitive environment.  We will develop programs that better prepare our students for this environment and that positively impact our student employers and other external constituents. 

Extend the MCOB Footprint

A successful business college must embrace the global business environment.  We will implement strategies that increase the depth and breadth of international initiatives. 

Employ Outstanding Faculty

A vibrant and active faculty is the cornerstone of a successful business college.  We will recruit, develop, support, and retain outstanding faculty by supporting and rewarding excellence in teaching and research.