2024 Jaguar Colorguard Auditions

Colorguard at Pregame.

Do you want to audition for the Jaguar Colorguard? Follow these easy steps!

Step 1 - Apply to USA!

You must be fully admitted to the University of South Alabama in order to audition for the Jaguar Marching Band

Membership in the Jaguar Colorguard is open by audition to all full-time and admitted, incoming freshman and transfer students at the University of South Alabama.  If you have already been accepted to the University of South Alabama, you may skip this step!

Apply to the University of South Alabama!

Step 2 - Fill out the Jaguar Marching Band Colorguard Audition Form

To register for your audition you will need to fill out the Jaguar Marching Band Colorguard Audition Application!  This application is our way to know that you intend to audition for the Jaguar Marching Band and the USA Jaguar Marching Band Colorguard!

Jaguar Colorguard Audition Application

Step 3 - Prepare for the April 20th, 2024 Audition Day!

Auditions for the Jaguar Marching Band Colorguard will occur on-campus on Saturday, April 20, 2024.  Plan for auditions to start at 9:00AM last until 4:00PM with a lunch break at noon.  Colorguard final selections will be made at the conclusion of the audition on Saturday, April 20th. Auditionees should plan their travel accordingly. Numerous hotels and restaurants are located a close distance from campus for those coming from a longer distance.

What to wear to the audition day:

  • Black Leotard
  • Black dance shorts or leggings (tights or pantyhose are optional)
  • Black or beige split sole jazz shoes
  • Hair and makeup should be performance ready

What to prepare for the audition day:

Each auditionee should prepare a routine that is 1-2 minutes in length that includes at least 30 seconds of dance and 30 seconds of equipment (flag). Those students wishing to audition on weapon can include rifle work in addition to the above requirements

There are preparation videos linked on the Colorguard Information Page to help with your preparation for the audition.  These short videos will detail various techniques. It is not mandatory to learn all of these but they are there to serve as an aid in your preparation. 

Auditionees will not need to bring their own equipment.  All equipment will be provided for the audition!