JMB Frequently Asked Questions


How do I audition for the Jaguar Marching Band? Before you do anything, make sure you apply and are fully admitted to the University of South Alabama!  This can be done online through the Office of Admissions.  After that, check out the audition requirements and apply for an audition.  

How much does it cost to go to school at USA? You can calculate your tuition and fees with the USA Net Price Calculator. Keep in mind that your marching band scholarship, as well as any other awards and aid you receive, will reduce this overall amount. Residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida, and George, Greene, Harrison, Jackson, Perry and Stone counties in Mississippi are considered “Service Area Residents” and will not be charged out-of-state fees. Students are required to submit documents to substantiate their residency in these counties. 

Does the marching band take a lot of time? No! In fact, it probably takes much less time than your high school marching band. Marching band is a class that you register for and we meet during that class time only. Winds, Brass, and Percussion rehearse Tuesday through Friday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, along with Saturday gameday rehearsals.  Color Guard members have sectionals on Mondays and are with the entire band Wednesday through Friday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Do I have to be a music major to get into the band? No! In fact, the majority of students in the marching band are not music majors!

Will I receive a scholarship?  Every member of the Jaguar Marching Band receives a scholarship, averaging about $2000.00 and up per year. For more information, read more about joining the Marching Band.

What does a JMB scholarship cover?  All JMB scholarships are considered to be institutional aid. Institutional aid can be used to pay all fees assessed by the University of South Alabama (tuition, fees, on-campus housing, meal plans through USA Dining, and on-campus bookstore charges). 

Do I have to live on campus or in a certain dorm to be in the marching band? No. Students at USA can choose to live on or off-campus, regardless of their classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.).  However, if you plan on living on campus, we encourage you to apply early!  Also, all dorm early move-in fees are paid by the band for the duration of pre-season band camp.

Do I have to be in concert band to be in marching band? Not in the Fall semester! However, freshman and sophomore wind members will be required to participate in a spring concert band.  For more information, read more about joining the Marching Band.

Is marching band a class? Yes. All members register for MUO 130, a one-credit hour course.   Juniors and seniors should register for MUO430.  This credit may be used as an elective in any curriculum.

How hard is it to get into the marching band? Not as hard as you think!  We like to think it's just hard enough!  

I live a long way away.  Can I do a remote audition? If you're a wind player, then yes.  Wind playing students who live a prohibitive distance from campus can audition via live video chat (Zoom).  To schedule a remote audition, call (251) 460-6136.

I have a class or lab that is conflicting with Marching Band. Can I have any conflicts? A limited number of conflicts are allowable in certain cases, especially for once-per-week afternoon labs. Just contact the Music Office at (251) 460-6136 or e-mail  We can let you know if your amount of conflict is acceptable. We can also get a conflict override so that you can register for the classes.  Marching Band students, especially freshmen and sophomores, should avoid registering for night classes or classes that conflict with the 4-6PM rehearsal time.

Will I march with a school-owned instrument, or do I need to provide my own?  Every member of the band marches with a school-owned instrument!

Will I be guaranteed a spot marching on the field? What about alternates? Every member of the Jaguar Marching Band will march either halftime or pregame at every game, provided they remain in good standing with the band. Decisions on who marches from week-to-week are based on absences, memorization, and overall ability to march and play. Members not marching at a particular game will “shadow” another marcher as an alternate during rehearsal and will march that person’s spot in case he or she cannot march that Saturday. All members play in the stands and dress out in uniform. There are NO permanent alternates.

What trips am I required to attend? You must attend any and all scheduled performances. All costs of trips are paid by the University.

Is Band Camp required?  Can I miss part of it?  Band Camp is required. Excused conflicts with Band Camp are limited and rare, and they must be worked out with the Director of Athletic Bands months in advance. Conflicts that are not excusable include vacations.

I'm in DCI.  Can I miss part of band camp if I'm at Finals?  You can miss part of band camp as long as you are performing at finals. Once your drum corps has been eliminated from competition, you must immediately depart and report for Jaguar Marching Band camp. Do not remain there as a spectator.  Keep in mind that you may be an alternate until you have caught up on our fundamentals and drill for that season.

What will we get accomplished during Band Camp? Before the end of camp, the band will learn an entire new halftime show, as well as the pregame show. Progress will be made on learning a second halftime show as well. Also, school songs and stands tunes will be learned to play at the football games.

How do I condition myself in preparation for Band Camp? You will spend the majority of each day during band camp outside in the hot sun, march, and playing your horn. It is very important that all members get their bodies acclimated to being active outdoors before showing up to Band Camp. Walking, running, or jogging outside in the heat is a great way to prepare yourself for Band Camp. Also, get into playing shape by practicing your instrument before camp begins.

I will be living in a Residence Hall. What are my living arrangements for Band Camp? The band will cover the costs of your early move-in to University housing (this does not include private residences off-campus).

I will be living in an apartment or some other residence. What are my living arrangements for the week of Band Camp? Most realtors do not have set move-in dates before Band Camp. You will need to talk to the realtor and ask them if there is any way you can move in before the week begins. If you cannot arrange this, get in contact with the Music Department at (251) 460-6136. We will have your section leader help you arrange a place to stay until you can move into your apartment.