South Alabama Marching Band Championships

Hancock Whitney stadium Rendering

Purchase Tickets to the Inaugural South Alabama Marching Band Championships

October 23, 2021
Hancock Whitney Stadium


Class A - 0-30 Winds
Class B - 31-60 Winds
Class C - 61-90 Winds
Class D - above 91 Winds

Bands may enter a higher classification but not a lower class.  Please indicate which classification you will be entering on your Registration.


Fans can purchase tickets online through the USA Athletics Ticket Office.  Tickets for the event are $10.00 per person ($7.00 for ticket and $3.00 for fees) and provide all-day access to the contest!  Come spend the day watching talented high school bands from throughout the Gulf Coast region!

Note:  Tickets prepurchased online prior to the event are subject to a $5.00 convenience fee per order.  This fee is not charged for tickets pre-purchased over the phone from the USA Athletics Ticket Office or on the day of the event at the stadium.

Purchase Tickets to the Inaugural South Alabama Marching Band Championships

Band Registration

Up to 28 bands will be accepted to compete in the South Alabama Marching Band Championships.  Registration will take place through our Google Form here: South Alabama Marching Band Championship Registration

Space is limited by classification.  We will be operating on a first come, first reserved when it comes to registering your band.  If your registration for your specific class exceeds the amount of registrations allowed for that class, you will be put on a waiting list.  If a band drops out, or another class doesn't use all of their allotted slots, then your band will be accepted into the contest in the order the registration was received.  

Class A & B - 12 registration spots available
Class C & D - 16 registration spots available


Caption style adjudication will be utilized using an 8 person judging panel.  Captions to be judged are as follows:

  • Music General Effect (from the Pressbox)
  • Music Ensemble (from the Pressbox)
  • Music Performance (on the field)
  • Visual General Effect (from the Pressbox)
  • Visual Ensemble (from the Pressbox)
  • Visual Performance (on the field)
  • Colorguard (from the Pressbox)
  • Percussion (on the field)
  • Drum Major (from the field, but score will not be counted in overall scoring)


  • Music GE - Glen Hauger
  • Music Ensemble - Greg Gruner
  • Music Performance - Steve Graves
  • Visual GE - Jeff Gentry
  • Visual Ensemble - Tim Hudnall
  • Visual Performance - Peter Inglett
  • Colorguard - Karen Prince Welborn
  • Percussion - Brian Nozny
  • Drum Major - Byron Dawes

Performance Schedule

Bands will perform in class order beginning with Class A, then Class B, then Class C, and then Class D.  Contest officials reserve the right to alter the above procedure in order to allow a band to attend. Performance order will be determined by winds size within the class with tie-breakers being determined by overall ensemble size.

Bands will be scheduled in 15-minute intervals for performance unless otherwise noted on the schedule.  Each band will have a 30-minute period in a warm-up area prior to moving to the staging area before your performance.  There will be a transition period of 20-minutes between your warm-up period and your performance time to allow you to walk to the stadium and prepare to take the field in competition.  Independent warm-up is permitted, provided it is not in close proximity to the official contest warm-up areas.

Schedule of Events

1:00PM - Gates Open
2:00PM - Welcome, National Anthem, Announcements

Class A

2:15PM - St. Paul's Episcopal School - Class A

Class B

2:30PM - Spanish Fort High School - Class B
2:45PM - Satsuma High School - Class B
3:00PM - Vancleave High School - Class B
3:15PM - McGill-Toolen Catholic High School - Class B
3:30PM - Murphy High School - Class B
3:45PM - Gulf Shores High School - Class B
4:00PM - Escambia High School - Class B
4:15PM - Saraland High School - Class B


5:00-6:15PM - Dinner Break

Class C

6:15PM - Elberta High School - Class C
6:30PM - North Bay Haven High School - Class C
6:45PM - Mary G. Montgomery High School - Class C
7:00PM - d'Iberville High School - Class C
7:15PM - J.R. Arnold High School - Class C

7:30PM-7:45M - BREAK

7:45PM - Fairhope High School - Class C
8:00PM - A. Crawford Mosley High School - Class C

Class D

8:15PM - Pace High School - Class D
8:30PM - Foley High School - Class D
8:45PM - Robertsdale High School - Class D
9:00PM - Ocean Springs High School - Class D



Performance Procedure

At the printed time of performance, the band will be announced, regardless of their physical location in the stadium area, “Now taking the field...”.  The band will proceed with the knowledge that the 14-minute clock has begun.  On field warm-up is at the discretion of the director.  When the band is in position and ready, the drum major must present the band to the adjudicators with a salute.  The announcer will then respond, “Band, you may now take the field for competition.”  Ten seconds after this introduction, the 12-minute clock will begin.  


Classification Awards

     A first, second, and third place trophy will be presented to the two highest scoring bands in Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D.

Best in Class - Percussion Award

     The band with the highest percussion score from each class (Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D) will receive the Best in Class - Percussion Award.

Best in Class - Colorguard Award

     The band with the highest colorguard score from each class (Class A, Class B, Class C, and Class D) will receive the Best in Class – Colorguard Award.

At the conclusion of the “pairs” of Class (Class A & B, Class C & D), there will be an awards ceremony, unless changed by the contest director.  There is just one performance, this is NOT a Prelims/Finals contest.

For the Awards Ceremony, it is requested that Drum Majors, Guard Captains, and a Director or designate be present on the field.  You will be placed on a specific yardline on the sideline.


Contest guides will be assigned and at your disposal from the time you arrive.  Guides will be on duty at the warm-up area and performance area.  Guides are to provide assistance, however, it is the ultimately the band director’s responsibility to meet all time guidelines.

Hancock-Whitney Stadium has instituted a “clear bag” policy for all guests entering the stadium.  Approved bags include clear plastic bags that do not exceed 12”x6”x12”.  For more information about the “clear bag” policy visit: Clear Bag Policy

Hash marks in Hancock-Whitney Stadium will be 60 feet from the sidelines (standard NCAA) as well as 53 feet 4 in from the sidelines (standard high school).

Video/tape recorders are not allowed in the stadium.  Still photography is confined to the spectator area.  There will be video recordings made of each band from the pressbox and field levels.  This will be done by our staff and made available to your students and parents for a cost.  Each director will receive one complimentary copy of a high-camera recording of their band’s performance.

We hope to see you at the competition this year!