SPERG People


These are the faculty and students who are actively participated and contributed to the SPERG.

McDonald Dr. J. Todd McDonald
Dr. McDonald is a Professor of Computer Science, School of Computing. He received his Doctorate in Computer Science at Florida State University, is a Member of IEEE and ACM. He has published over twenty five refereed papers, mostly on cyber and software security. Research interests include circuit and hardware protection, malware and vulnerability analysis, and reverse engineering.
Todd Andel Dr. Todd R. Andel
Dr. Andel is a Dean and Professor of Computer Science in the School of Computing. He received his Ph.D. from the Florida State University and is a Member of the IEEE and ACM. He has published over 23 papers and journals related to security protocols, network security, formal methods, cyber defense, and systems design. Research interests include network security protocol assessment, electronic voting systems security, and embedded systems protection.
Assadi Dr. Waleed K. Al-Assadi
Dr. Al-Assadi is an Assistant Professor in the College of engineering at University of South Alabama. He has over eight years of industrial experience in the major semiconductor companies and spent two years as a Senior Development Design Engineer with Advanced Micro Devices, Texas Microprocessors Division, and six years as Advisory Engineer with IBM PowerPC Embedded Processors, IBM Microelectronics, Research Triangle Park, NC. His research and teaching efforts focus on VLSI design and testing, including design-for-test (DFT) methodologies for asynchronous circuits.
Sruss Dr. Sam Rusk
Dr. Samuel H. Russ is an Associate Professor in the College of engineering at University of South Alabama. His research interests are Consumer Electronics including reliability and design for manufacturability, Signal Integrity and High-speed Digital Design Techniques, Embedded Systems, Sensor Networks, High-performance Computing, Hard disk drive performance and reliability.


    • Joshua Cazalas
    • William Ashbee 
    • David Histing 
    • Lindsey Whitehurst 
    • Tracy Gamble 
    • Charles Hubbard

    • James Cerkovnik
    • Paul Carsten
    • Blake Darden
    • Clay Davidson
    • Adam Brown
    • Tara Brewer