Programs & Activities

The ODI actively sponsors and supports activities within the Whiddon College of Medicine and USA Health to promote diversity and inclusion. These activities include two collegiate level pipeline programs, DREAM and South Med Prep Scholars. The ODI also provides support for and recognition of student clubs that promote safe spaces, group activities and educational activities that promote diversity and inclusion.

Affinity Groups

Annual Diversity Lectureship

In 2012, the ODI began an recurring Lectureship to promote diversity, inclusion and cultural awareness.


Dr. Ed Callahan2017 - Dr. Ed Callahan
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel Emeritus, Schools of Human Health Sciences
Professor of Family and Community Medicine Emeritus, School of Medicine
University of California-Davis
Chair-Elect, AAMC Group on Diversity and Inclusion

• Implicit Biases on Clinical Care and Health Disparities
• Diversifying our Institutions to Reduce Health Disparities



Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio2016 - Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio
Associate Professor of Psychology
Spring Hill College

• Bringing Elements to Issues of Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare and Higher Education as Related to the LGBTQ Community and Other Areas of Diversity




Dr. Lisa Moreno Walton2015 - Dr. Lisa Moreno Walton
Professor, Clinical Emergency Medicine
Louisiana State University of Health Science, New Orleans

• HIV/AIDS Courageous Conversations
• Addressing Diversity in Clinical Care
• University Hospital Healthcare: Partnering with the Community




Dr. Marc Nivet2013 - Dr. Marc Nivet
Chief Diversity Office
Association of American Medical Colleges

• Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Medicine
• A Means to Excellence in Academia




Dr. Joan Reede2012 - Dr. Joan Reede
Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership
Harvard University

• Diversity Inclusion: Building Capacity for Excellence