White Coat Ceremony/GHHS Induction Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2019
“Wearing the white coat is a constant reminder of the responsibility of making sure your words and actions are credible because many people are depending on you and looking up to you.” - Mazen Omar, Class of 2019

Each year, the USA Medical Alumni Association sponsors the White Coat Ceremony and Gold Humanism Honor Society Induction Ceremony.

During the ceremony, rising third-year medical students are cloaked with white coats, the traditional dress of physicians for more than 100 years. Afterward, students take the Medical Student Oath, a promise to uphold the human aspects of medicine, such as sensitivity, compassion and respect for patients.

Also at the event, select rising seniors, as well as residents and faculty, are inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Inductees are selected for practicing patient-centered medical care with integrity, compassion and altruism. Election to this organization is by vote of medical students.