"You asked. We listened."

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The Whiddon College of Medicine uses feedback from students to make improvements to our curriculum, policies, resources and facilities. Here are some of the recent changes we've made in response to student input.

You asked for... We listened and...
Increased accessibility to advising and mentoring Laventrice Ridgeway, Ed.D., now has weekly scheduled office hours at Mastin Building
Increased funding to support travel to meetings for student presenters Requested additional assistance from the Dean
More study space on campus Renovations to the Charles M. Baugh Biomedical Library are currently under way
More Step exam practice tests Purchased additional Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessments and Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessments for students
More options with scrubs Modified the dress code to include additional options
Additional question banks for study and Step prep Purchased UWorld for all students and kept Osmosis
Additional career counseling services
More guidance on activities to pursue in M1/M2 to be competitive for residency application Developed Continuous Professional Development Program
Better furnishings in the student lounge at Children's & Women's Hospital Obtained comfortable seating from the hospital, bought lamps and wall hangings with affirmation
A new microwave in the Mastin call area Purchased new microwave
Help adjusting to medical school Developed Rx for Success, a pre-orientation course for incoming medical students


2022-2023 Academic Year
Parking passes at USA Health for students who reported outside shuttle hours Met with USA Health leadership team to facilitate request
Support for Step 1 study skills prep Provided multiple Lunch & Learn sessions and individual tutoring
Improved classroom space at hospital campuses Purchased new chairs for Active Learning Center at University Hospital; renovated ALC at Children's & Women's Hospital 
More access to mental health providers Hired a full-time health and wellness counselor, Becky Smith, Ph.D., LPC, to exclusively serve Whiddon College of Medicine students
Discounted meals for clerkship students Worked with USA Health Human Resources to obtain daily meal cards
A return to the White Coat reception Brought back the reception as a celebration after the event
More college-wide wellness events Brought back Moe's dinner, Arts in Medicine, Honest Conversations and Crawfish Boil
More development with respect to career readiness Introduced USA Career Development to Whiddon COM students
Address weight shaming in clinical learning environment Office of Diversity and Inclusion developed Bias in Healthcare article series
An opportunity to meet with leadership teams Began monthly meetings with M1 and M2 class officers, hosted pediatrics clerkship town halls, and resumed the Dean's breakfasts
M3 Wellness Forums to be in clerkships instead of group forums Integrated forums into appropriate clerkships


2021-2022 Academic Year
Improved work space at University Hospital for surgery clerkship Renovated 7th floor area into student work space
A return to the Match Day breakfast Brought back the breakfast as a start to the event