Accounting Club

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Mission Statement

The Accounting Club Mission is to promote interest in the accounting profession as a career, educate students about the various career paths available to accountants and to provide opportunities for members to interact with other accounting students, faculty and leaders in the business community.


Consistent with the mission, the USA Accounting Club goals are to:

  • Provide a welcoming environment for all students interested in an
  • accounting career.
  • Increase understanding and appreciation of the accounting
  • profession.
  • Draw attention to members’ accomplishments.
  • Continue to improve awareness of the variety in accounting careers.
  • Provide members with information about job opportunities and other matters of interest.
  • Provide a meeting place (the Accounting lab) for students and tutors to congregate.
  • Inform students of the rapid changes in the accounting profession.
  • Build unity within the club while establishing friendships and networks that extend beyond the college career.